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Cricket worldcup fever iphone app

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Cricket WorldCup Fever Deluxe - Indiagames Limited

Price: $4.99

So, this square leg and this mid-on walked into a bar  – the umpire said “that’s one fine leg you have but those aren’t crickets, they’re wickets!”  Ah yes, nothing like classic cricket humor!!  Only problem is, you might not get it!  After a few innings with the iPhone app  Cricket World Cup Fever by India Games Limited not only will you get the joke, you’ll be an expert cricket player!  And for you pros out there, what a great app this is!  Either way, you will definitely catch the fever!


If your new to the sport this app has several tutorials that are easy to understand and extremely helpful!  Once you have spent a little time with each position you’ll quickly become an expert and the game will be much more enjoyable.  Each step is carefully explained and demonstrated and you can practice as much as you want before you’re ready for the big game!


Superb graphics put you right in the middle of the biggest games.  An opening panoramic shot of a packed stadium, complete with corporate advertising and crowd noise, brings you to the center of the pitch where you meet the umpire and flip a coin, very realistic!  Once play begins you’ll see all the movement of a real cricket match as the batsman walks up to his spot and the bowler runs up to make his pitch, the wickets will fly if their hit, and of course once the ball is in play the action is top notch!  So for the experienced cricket player it must be as close to the real thing as you can get and if you’re new to the game this is exactly what will train you for your first live experience!


Within the game you can choose which team you want to play for, where you want the game to take place, and what type of cricket match is to be played.  Each team is complete with a roster and you get to select which player bats first.  As the action begins the crowd noise will fluctuate with the play!  For example as the batsman hits the ball in the gap, the crowd roars its approval!  Each batsman is also shown walking to the crease area as well as walking back if they strike out, and you can see how dejected they are!  The game’s stats and scoreboard are constantly available to make it easy to keep tabs on what the dynamics are at any moment.  In other words, if you’re in attacking mode and you need to stroke a drive past the mid wicket and through the deep sweeper to the on leg side to win the super bowl that very moment, it should be a piece of cake!  R

Cricket Worldcup Fever [ iTunes link ]  requires iPhone iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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