Dust Off Those old Math Skills and Get Ready for Some Fun!

Reviewed By Jackson S.

Color Petals: Combine Fun, Puzzles and Math - DewDrop Studios


Price: $0.99

Color Petals is a exciting new application from DewDrop Studios that tests your basic Math skills in a fun and fast-paced game.  The core idea behind the iPhone app is that you have a rotary dial with empty slots.  You are given a number in the middle and little petals will float in with other numbers on them.  The goal is to match up two numbers to equal the middle number.  There are several different game modes that you can switch to as the game progresses.  You are first challenged with addition, then subtraction, multiplication, and finally division.  It gets harder as the game progresses and numbers start flying in from all directions!


The game play of Color Petals is fast paced.  It may start slowly, but the petal frequency and speed increases as you score points and have them subtracted when you error.  It’s fast to get caught up on one number and forget that others are streaming in.  It was fun to dust off those old Math skills and start getting my brain back into quick thinking mode.  The game play reminded me of using flash cards back in grade school.


Color Petals really sucks you in.  I immediately was having a flashback from old Math classes where I would take timed tests, but in the best way possible.  There are several options to increase the interactivity of the game.  You can add sound effects and music, or play silently.  You can also affect the gravity and motion in the game to increase difficulty.

Fun Factor

I really think that Color Petals is a fun way to get your brain moving.  Who couldn’t use a refresher course in some of the basic Math skills that we have forgotten?  This game has some fun variations and a bit of an addictive nature.  I would love to pass the time with this game over some of the mindless ones that I play now.  I can almost feel myself getting smarter with each round.


At $0.99, this game is modestly priced.  The fun that this game provides substantiates the price.  I think that young kids and adults alike will get enjoyment out of this game.

Color Petals is a fun way to get your brain back in gear and sharpen your dulled Math skills, while at the same time have a blast.  Add this iPhone app to your library and use your extra time to get focused.  Go Math!

Color Petals iPhone app requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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