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While reviewing the Color iPhone app, I found myself first humming Ice T’s song “Colors,”  and later Police’s “Don’t Stand so Close to Me.” In a nutshell, this summarizes this review. However, let me expound a bit.


First let’s start with the Ice T humming Color evoking thoughts. Color iPhone app is an innovative new social sharing app for the iPhone and Android. From the mind of serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen, yes the same Bill Nguyen who founded and later sold La La to Apple, Color app looks to enhance the way we share our lives, adding simplicity, functionality, and of course, voyeurism into our image and video sharing desires.  You see, Color iPhone app allows you to peer inside the cellular devices within close proximity to explore the wonderful eye candy that resides in neighboring phones.

Security and Privacy:

Now let us move on to the infamous “Don’t Stand so Close to Me” song evoking thoughts. As for voyeurism and the desire to tilt an eye towards photos and videos others have nestled within their phone, Bill Nguyen was quoted as saying, that it is “basic human nature” and “we’re curious.”

This is true, and whereas I very much believe this app will be tremendously successful and add a new level of social sharing to the daily lives of millions, it is important to know exactly what you wish to share. You see, Color does not offer any security or privacy measures. Hence, anything captured within Color app is open to the public, and anyone can view it without a password nor profile.  Thus, similar to a mirror on the toe of of snickering boys everywhere, people can simply stand close to you and look up your, er.. iPhone.

Overall: Rating:

Again, used appropriately, this app can be wonderfully convenient. Imaging snapping photos at your nephew’s birthday and sharing them instantly with iPhone and Android party goers alike.

I look forward to the evolution of Color, and as the app itself is free of charge, with $41 millions dollars of funding backing the app, I anticipate a large following and active audience to aggregate rather expeditiously.

Color iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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