Can Knockdown 2 Puts the Thrill of the Carnival in Your Pocket – Again!

Can Knockdown 2 - Infinite Dreams Inc.

Reviewed by: Jackson S.

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Price: $.99

For everyone who has nostalgic memories of spending their last dollar at the summer fair’s midway, Can Knockdown 2 gives you all the realistic excitement and sounds – but without emptying your pockets.

Can Knockdown 2 is an exciting new app released by Infinite Dreams, Inc.  It builds off its predecessor, Can Knockdown, and the sequel takes the concept to new heights.  Right from the first menu, you are thrust into the action as you throw balls at cans, bulls-eyes, and even exploding barrels, much like the carnival games from your youth.

Graphics –

Out of the gates, the graphics of Can Knockdown 2 impress.  They are rich and colorful, and the animations are fluid and precise.  The setting for each game has detailed graphics in both the foreground and background.  Feel transported right to your favorite carnival with Can Knockdown 2’s rich atmosphere with ambient noise and great sound effects.  They add even more environmental effects and animations as you interact with each game.  The game even incorporates the scoreboard into each setting, and you navigate from menu to menu by the same action as the gameplay itself, by throwing balls at the menu options.

Game Play –

Game play for this app is quick, easy to learn, and immerses you directly in the action from the first menu.  There are three types of games to play: you can throw balls at stacked cans (which get more elaborate as you progress through the levels), at targets with bulls-eyes, or at exploding barrels in a timed game.

I went back and forth playing all of the games, but I really became addicted to the bulls-eye game.  You get bonuses for hitting the targets dead center, and for that exciting touch, they spin and break apart as you hit them.

Controls –

The controls for Can Knockdown 2 are as easy as it gets.  You drag your finger in an upward motion to throw the ball at your intended target, and that’s it!  I love this aspect, as you don’t have to spend time learning a complex set of motions on your touch-screen, and you can get right into the action.  It only takes a few seconds to learn how to throw the balls at targets that are further away, up close, or are flying around the screen.

Fun Factor –

Can Knockdown 2 is a booming blast.  I easily spent an hour playing with the different games the first time I opened the application.  It features high score options that you can send to the Infinite Dreams, Inc. website, which allow you to post and check your rankings in the online community.  The replay ability of this game is infinite and will always be just as fun as the first time you played.

I highly suggest checking out this game and add it to your library.  It will provide you with hours of fun and exciting entertainment.  It is fast becoming my top time-killer app.  Let’s see if you can beat my high score!

Can Knockdown 2 [ iTunes link ]  requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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