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Ah, the days of old. I often hear the tales my parents weave of unlocked doors and windows, car keys left in the visor, personal belongings shared, with no question that they would rightfully be returned in due course. Fast forward to 2011 <gulp> … let’s just say I check my locks twice before turning in.

BuddyGuard to the Rescue

It is no surprise that personal protection is a large and looming concern, but can an iPhone app really help? BuddyGuard says yes! Whether you are using an ATM, or meeting the cute guy who has been winking at you on the personal sites, having BuddyGuard on and activated can be quite effective.

BuddyGuard Functionality:

While there is no red cape here or tights with an S proudly boasted on the chest, BuddyGuard gets the job done.  If you fear that you may be entering into a potentially unsafe environment, simply power up the BuddyGuard iPhone app and leave it active and running. BuddyGuard will then spring into action, digitally, by sending your GPS coordinates, as well as audio and images from your iPhone camera, to web servers. By storing this information via third party servers, you can ensure that the potentially incriminating data will not be deleted by would-be thieves, or the guy with Justin Bieber hair and romantic one-liners, if they in turn get a hold of your iPhone.

One feature that truly makes this app complete is the “Check-in timer.” By setting this up, you may then enter an “all clear” when you are certain of your safety, or if the check-in time is missed, this will flag an alarm which in-turn will send a cry for help message via SMS. Additionally, BuddyGuard offers a crash guard utilizing the iPhone accelerometer, which will trigger an alert if you were to rapidly fall or experience an auto accident. Thus, if you have fallen and you can’t get up, thankfully, you no longer need to. BuddyPress will send for help, and you can relax knowing that you are in significant pain, hoping that you paid your health insurance.


Ah, our favorite word: Free. Yes, the BuddyGuard is free, however, you can elect to pay a $120 yearly fee which provides emergency support via MPower Labs partnership with GEOS Search and Rescue services. This will provide you with round-the-clock services, access to an emergency response center, as well as a one million dollar insurance policy that may be utilized for services ranging from evacuation to ambulatory services.

BuddyGuard iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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