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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

BodyFate - BodyFate LLC

Price: $1.99

This is a bit like boot camp!  However instead of army boots your drill instructor is wearing black high heeled boots made of leather and I think she enjoys watching you in pain!  Simply put, if you are tired and bored of your same old workout routine she will, um, I mean, this iPhone app will certainly liven things up!  BodyFate is like having your own personal trainer!


No matter how you look at it the task of exercising sometimes takes as much mental effort as it does physical effort.  There are plenty of products out there that will ‘motivate’ you to workout, or so they boast!  After a while your workout routine could get really mundane.  It really boils down to keeping the thought of working out and doing the actual exercise as fresh and exciting and as fun as possible.  I think this iPhone app has found a way to do just that!  BodyFate is part game, part education, part ‘how to’, part motivator, and part tutorial.  A very unique combination to say the least!  And its main goal is to keep your workout fresh and new so you can, well, keep your work out fresh and new, for lack of better words.  As long as you’re having fun you may be surprised at how many sit ups or pushups you just did!


First, the real life graphics are very clear and certainly very valuable to the user!  After all, the main gist of this iPhone app is exercise, so what better to have than real life pictures showing how each exercise is properly done!  Secondly, the rest of the graphics are definitely game like and are presented with that funny cartoon style that we are all familiar with.  The classic wheel of torture, the devil sittin in the lawn chair sippin a froo froo drink, the gut check guy daring you to hit him in the stomach, awesome!  Again, this is a testament to the app as it comes across very fun, putting a great spin on getting your work out on!


Like having your personal trainer with you at all times!  By utilizing the settings menu you can adjust your workout depending on where you are and how much time you have and what level of physical output you are capable of.  For example, if you are at the gym with a flock of exercise equipment at your disposal you can program that info in and your game, or fate that is, will be adjusted accordingly.  On the other hand if you are at home and a beginner at exercising the app will only utilize what is available within your home!  Let’s say you’re a great exerciser but you’re stuck in your hotel room!  This app will still give you a heck of a workout.  It may include a chandelier, a phonebook, and a bath robe, but your trainer is very smart!

BodyFate iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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