Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5 for March 18

Top 5 iPhone Apps

Hang on to your iPhone’s and iPads folks because we are about to dive right in to some of the best apps of the week!

Our first tip of the hat goes to WordPress, who graciously launched version 2.7. I am not a pessimist, but with over 114 bugs squashed in the latest update, I would say that it may have been overdue.

The expansion of crowd sourcing apps continued this week, however, Localmind gave us a unique micro-environment crowd sourcing utility that lets us tap into the minds of locals to unveil time sensitive data. Is the local bar a sausage fest or worthy of a drop in?

Additionally, there were a plethora of group messaging apps either launched or updated in time for SXSW Interactive exposure, and we covered the top three group messaging apps in an earlier review this week.


Alas, let us now feast on the eye candy of more great apps released this week!

March Madnress on Demand 2011

NCAA March Madness on Demand 2011 – Free

Ah, our favorite “F” word!  FREE.

When it comes to live on-demand sports, you typically have two options: pay for the luxury of having every game at your fingertips or see the highlights. Well, sportsfans, time are a changing!

Thanks to the March Madness on Demand 2011 iPhone app, you can enjoy every single game via their free live streaming videos from the first round to the final four!

Their game center for iPad also allows you to see in-game highlights, team leaders, box scores updated in real time and more.


Red Bull Augmented Racing

Red Bull Augmented Racing – Free

When you are all amped up on a buzz drink, what is the first thing that you want to do? Grab the keys to your car and race at nearly 200 miles per hour, of course!

We do give Red Bull credit, however, as their entry into the world of iPhone apps is really quite enthralling. In fact, the game is well developed, engaging, and best of all, free! Graphically, the game is solid.  From grass debris displacement to burnt tire thread on the pavement, you get it all!

Sure, there are many racing iPhone app games, but what sets Red Bull Augmented Racing apart is that they allow their players to design, and subsequently race on, their own tracks. A small caveat is that you will need a real can of Red Bull to create your own track. Have no fear, however, as the game does provide several racetracks for you to get the action going instantly!



Carbonite – Free

Good news for the millions who protect their data via Carbonite, the online backup provider has released an iPad app and updated their previous iPhone app to aid in greater functionality.

The Carbonite iPad app is essentially their beta release, and the iPhone app is now upgrades to version 2.0. The app allows users to view and access their backed up files at anytime and anyplace. This is a fantastic way to access your photos or even stream your favorite tunes.

We love the potential that this app provides of accessing all of your files on the go, and thus far we have enjoyed the limited access, however, some users are reporting forced close / crashes, and thus I would not be surprised to see a possible app update to rectify some issues. Nonetheless, the app is free, and if you want access to your data on the go, this is a worthy app to add to your collection.


LED Machines

LED Machines – $1.99

Ah, you want to know the time? Weather?  direction? That is no problem for Bond, Jon Bond. I always wanted to say that and felt this may be an appropriate time, as the new LED Machines app is Bond inspiring.

In an earlier review this week, we called LED Machines a “Swiss Army App.” With 007 styling, the LED Machines app offers an abundance of features, including a compass, weather forecast, flashlight, alarm clock, Morse code machine, and more, all in one slick looking app!

Sorry American Express, but LED machines may be the one thing I don’t leave home without.



HiddenJobs – $.99

Quite early this week, we reviewed and discussed the benefits of HiddenJobs. In case you missed it, here is a second look at getting a first class job.

We all know that the economy has seen better days, unemployment is still at staggeringly high levels, and although a turn around seems to be limping to fruition, acquiring a new job is easier said then done. That is why HiddenJobs is a great app that could not have come at a better time.

HiddenJobs helps to give you an edge in your job hunting endeavors. You may be shocked, as we were, to find that many jobs are not advertised in traditional channels, and this app aims to expose those jobs and uncover hidden job opportunities.

Since our review of HiddenJobs, we have received emails and comments posted via Facebook of others who are enjoying this app and having success with the information provided. We hope it continues to aid in the job hunting efforts of our fellow readers!

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