Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5 for March 11

Top 5 iPhone Apps

Another fantastic week of inspiring, creative, and enthralling apps to discuss!

During the course of the week our iPhone app reviews had the pleasure of showcasing several blockbuster iPhone updates. Not only did Foursquare grace us with version 3.0, which included a slew of new features that we thoroughly appreciated, including  an enhanced leader board and “Explore” button, but several other big names made some big updates. Netflix served up a hushed update which severed some functionality, and Twitter ruffled quite a few feathers in their latest update as the “Quick Bar” was overlaid on all tweets. The new Twitter update also has a swarm of users complaining that the app is force closing and crashing with regularity.

Aside from the juggernaut apps, there were some other developers who made quite an impact on our team of iPhone app reviewers. BodyFate, which boasts a instructor with black high-heel boots and a whip,  scored high marks for its effectiveness and versatility. Teach Me Sushi for the iPad was mouth watering, so much in fact, that we found it to be app lickin’ good!

Like millions of other iPad fans, or soon to be iPad fans, we are welcoming the new iPad 2 with open arms. In fact, the upgraded hardware found within the iPad 2 will up the ante and be a solid game changer for other tablet computers. And, iPad 2 owners will reap the benefits that include a faster dual core processor, rear facing camera, and 360 degree (gyroscope) motion control. With this in mind, several classics will be rebooted to benefit from the new iPad 2 capabilities, and some have made it onto our top 5.

Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 HD – Price $9.99

Get ready to put the pedal to the metal with Real Racing 2 HD! Firemint produced a racing game that made the industry stand up and take notice, in the original Real Racing. Now they are harnessing the power of the iPad 2, unveiling today a new version that fully maximizes the A5 chip’s greatly enhanced graphical abilities.  We took a closer look at the latest release and indeed, our adrenalin was pumping!

As always you are able to take advantage of the range of 30 fully licensed cards, 15 amazing locations, and of course, a robust and engaging multi-player race environment that will put your skills to the challenge

This game will set the bar for other developers, and we are eager to see the evolution unfold of higher level gaming environments.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade -Price $5.99

Once again our hats tip to the iPad 2 A5 processor. It takes some serious strength to render the graphics that infinity blade demands, and A5 has proven up to the task!

Infinity Blade utilizes the Unreal Engine 3, which is a definitive plus for graphics, and a serious challenge for processors. In fact, while the game was visually appealing on the iPhone 4, there was some frame rate chop and overall slowdown in graphical processing. However, these issues are put to rest on the iPad 2!

The new app update, The Deathless Kings, blew us away and we were unable to detect any graphical issues. Everything with smooth, fluid, and essentially gave us a buffet of eye candy to feast upon.


iMovie – $4.99

For an app which largely needs no introduction, iMovie, brought to us from the developers at Apple, expands their platforms to now take advantage of the many new iPad 2 features.

Indeed, this remains a slick app to utilize on the iPhone and iPod Touch, however, with the iPad 2, you are now able to maximize the full potential of this video editing app.

iMovie on iPad 2 gives you a much larger screen to work with, which is ideal when utilizing the touch controls. This allows you to more easily splice movie clips together. Additionally, you are now able to blend in waveform music for movies that were edited on the iPad.

Whether you work with iMovie on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, we love the simplicity and robust editing tools that this app puts at our fingertips.

Other great apps this week were related more specifically to the iPhone, as outlined below:


Looktel – $1.99

Looktel has created an app that helps the blind to better access and manage their money.

The app allows one to wave the camera in the direction of their currency, and by utilizing the iPhone camera, the dollars are scanned, assessed, and the value of each bill is then read aloud. Although most countries create their current in a variety of sizes, thus ensuring it is easy to discern one value from another simply by touch, this is not the case in America. Hence, this app will help millions of blind individuals to overcome this hurdle.



Plugshare – Free

Those with “range anxiety” can rejoice! Your dreams of crusin’ down the freeway, wind in your hair, foot on the pedal, and the car actually responding to the accelerator have come to fruition, thanks to the handy Plugshare app.

Plugshare is a community driven, real time app that displays available public charging stations. By utilizing the iPhone GPS your location will be proudly displayed on a localized map, and you will be able to view all charging stations within your proximity.

This app is convenient, free, and as the database of EV charging stations is user driven, the results are current and ever expanding.

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