Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5

Top 5 iPhone Apps Reviewed

This week’s top five iPhone apps have it all! Action, functionality, and Steve Tyler?

This week our iPhone app reviews covered a gamut of categories, some sizzled, such as Room 77 allowing guests to view hotel rooms before they arrive, and others fizzled, SMSWriter, an app designed to take the thought out of your thought process. In the end, we covered some amazing new apps, some are featured below. However, our top 5 list also features Fight Night Champion and AppSoLewdly, which you must see to below.


Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion$4.99

Fight Night Champion is an iPhone app that hits hard, and packs a lot of punch in their $4.99 app fee. Ported from EA Sports console boxing game, Fight Night Champion lives up to the hype!  The controls are superb and fluid, allowing you to utilize the full range of the screen to tap, and swipe for a variety of jabs, blocks, and uppercuts. Our favorite aspect is the ability to bring a new fighter up through the ranks, aiming for the prize fights with Ali and other legends. And, once you have taken down the computer opponents, get ready to take this game to the streets by taking on friends, or foes via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.


Appsolewdly iPhone app

Steven Tyler AppSoLewdly $2.99

You may love Steven Tyler from his myriad of hit songs, his engery and passion, or his recently assumed role on American Idol. You may not love Steven Tyler, but love playing pranks on your friends. Either way, the new Steven Tyler iPhone app AppSoLewdly is fun, entertaining, and worth every penny.

With AppSoLewdly you garner an element of backstage access into Steven Tylers life, including uncensored and self made videos, photos never before released to the public, and potentially the best part, a slew of sounds, inclusive of a digital sound box stocked full of “Tylerisms.”

So get your friends on the phone and enjoy the ensuing hilarity as you toy with their emotions playing digital sounds from your AppSoLewdly app and listen to their attempts to converse with Steven Tyler.


Evernote 4 iPhone app

Evernote 4 –  Free

Evernote has long been a favorite, and we rather enjoyed utilizing this service, both web based, and as an app. However, we must share our applause with Evernote, as they did not rest upon their laurals. Rather, they released a full fledged upgrade this week, and it is fantastic.

As we outlined several days ago in our Evernote iPhone app review, Evernote enhanced their iPhone app with a robust and upgraded home screen. They also implemented a new function that we love, entitled “Snippet,” thus allowing users to view a portion of their notes.

With enhanced search features, a new GUI, and an overall overhaul, Evernote graced us with a splendid update.


Can Knockdown iPhone app

Can Knockdown 2 $ .99

Ah, the smell of cotton candy, the allure of the clowns, the memories of a summer’s fair. Of course none of this would be complete without spending your last dollars on fun carnival games.

Can Knockdown 2 will help you relive the excitement and challenge of the quick paced carnival game wherein you knock down cans, however, they step it up several notches with fantastic graphics, special effects, oh, and you can knock down much more than just cans! Take your aim at targets, bulls-eyes and more.


Parker iPhone app


For those who have ever braved, and survived, Los Angeles traffic, our hats go off to you. However, your battle is only half over, as you now must try to find a <gulp> parking space!

Parker iPhone app is designed to take the stress, and death grip, out of your daily commute.Parker will aid you in locating available parking spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles, with over 286 parking spaces working harmoniously with Parker app at this time.

To aid in making the parking process even easier, you will find that Parker has ParkNow technology, allowing drivers to establish an account and utilize the ParkNow meter service. ParkNow allows you to charge your credit card for the parking payment simply by calling or texting their number on the parking meter!



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