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Reviewed By: Phil Charlton

BabyFirst Mobile - BFTV, LLC


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Parents can now provide their toddlers and babies with hours of educational fun and entertainment thanks to BabyFirst Mobile from BFTV, LLC

Keeping a baby or toddler entertained can be a task in itself for even the most experienced of parents. It is especially difficult to find something that your child will find entertaining and fun which will also provide educational benefits. The good news is that technology has come a long way and this has made it easier for parents to provide their children with entertainment that is both educational and fun, such as BabyFirst Mobile from BFTV, LLC.

This is an iPhone and iPad app that will satisfy your child’s desperation to get his or her little hands on your iPhone or iPad, which is something that all inquisitive little ones seem to want to do. It will also provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child with exciting and education video content and an array of wonderful characters for your child to learn about.

Content value:

The BabyFirst Mobile iPhone or iPad app provides wonderfully colorful content that will capture the attention of your child from the word go. The content is based on the TV channel BabyFirst TV and is designed to cater for both babies and toddlers. A combination of exciting music and sounds coupled with colorful animation and educational videos with narrative makes this app a wonderful tool for parents and a fun and educational one for kids.

The combination of live action videos and animated content means that there is something that will suit a range of ages so if you have a couple of younger children that you want to keep entertained you can choose the content accordingly. The content is designed to meet a range of objectives whilst entertaining your child, such as introducing new words, vivid colors, new objects for your child to learn about, and much more. All of these are brought to your child by exciting characters such as Harry the Bunny, Fred & Fiona, and Bonnie Bear, amongst others.

One great thing to bear in mind about BabyFirst Mobile is that it is also available for the iPad, which means that your children can enjoy the wonders of this app in High Definition and on a larger screen. However, to access this content you must have a solid brodaband or WIFI connection.

Ease of use:

This iPhone app is extremely easy to use, and with the touch of a screen you can have your child enthralled in a matter of seconds. You will find it very simple and quick to navigate and you can simply choose the animated or live video that you want your child to watch – or older toddlers can, of course, choose their own! The iPhone or iPad version is so simple to use that even a young child will quickly learn how to navigate and choose their preferred video.

There are also many features to make this app easier to use such as parental controls, multi-lingual support, and child mode to make things even easier for your child.


For parents that want to provide their kids with education and exciting content this is the ideal app. Its ease of use makes it very child friendly and the content is something that all young kids will be captivated by. This is further enhanced by the use of colors, sounds, and characters, which makes it even more exciting for babies and toddlers.

BabyFirst Mobile[ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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