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Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

A Touch Puzzle - Miguel Angel Membrive Covo


Price: $.99

A Touch Puzzle, by developer Miguel Angel Membrive Covo, is a like-object puzzler that relies heavily on its finger-swiping dynamic. Sadly, this alone is not quite enough to keep the app’s sprawling levels afloat.


If you have ever played a game in the same genre as Bejeweled—there really should be a term for those, by now—then you already know how Touch Puzzle works. Several different kinds of monster heads fill the screen, and it is your job to connect three or more matching heads to knock them out of play. Instead of having you tap objects, as in Touch Puzzle’s predecessors, the game instead asks you to draw connections between them using your finger. This is a very interesting game mechanic, but sadly that’s about where the innovation ends. As objects are knocked out, more return to take their place. Phase out enough monster heads, and you’ll unlock a new level—or in this case, a new head which is added to the mix.

This is certainly nothing new to the scene. The game does add a running timer to the mix, and generally speaking, this adds a great deal of spice to the action. As the timer runs out, matches are much harder to find, and the pulse-pounding search that ensues is quite fun. However, the gameplay A Touch Puzzle has to offer is almost exactly like that of countless other apps on the market. That doesn’t mean the gameplay is bad, exactly, but that it’s certainly been done elsewhere to greater fanfare.

A Touch Puzzle

Fun and Functionality:


The game is, for all its lack of innovation, pretty fun. Swiping my way through hordes of monster heads was entertaining, and I was able to reach the second level with pleasing rapidity. However, the spacing of levels after that is very wide, almost too so. The developer obviously created Touch Puzzle as a challenge, and it certainly is. However, for casual gameplay, I felt like a bone needs to be thrown now and again, or I quickly lose interest. Touch Puzzle offers full connectivity with OpenFeint, which is a nice touch. However, there is no local score storing that I could find, so it’s either in the cloud or nowhere. I found this particularly disappointing, as I haven’t got OpenFeint, but would find the challenge of besting my own scores the very carrot-on-a-stick the game needs.

Overall Value

At a dollar in the App Store—with a free version up for your perusal as well—there’s really nothing to lose with A Touch Puzzle. It’s a simple, pick-up-and-play puzzler that will handily fill a few extra minutes waiting in line.

A Touch Puzzle iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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