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Custom iOS Email Signatures with the MailSig App

Tweet   Price: $4.99 Rating: Tired of seeing emails with the signature as “Sent from my iPhone?” Take control over your iOS signature with the MailSig iPhone app, a sweet custom email signature app from Ziximo! MailSig is an app for you to create multiple, customized signatures to apply to your emails sent from your […]


AR Invaders: Space Invaders 3D From the Comfort of Your Armchair

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Now more than ever is the time to jump on the alternate reality bandwagon. With AR games aplenty invading the App Store (See what I did there?) AR Invaders, by developer Quill Pen, is a prime example of why the genre is finally ready for human consumption—and anti-alien defense. Gameplay […]


Living by the Numbers with Life Purpose

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Life Purpose, by developer Peaceful Warrior, seeks to educate you in your life’s purpose through text—lots and lots of text. Functionality and Design: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dan Millman’s Life-Purpose System—which is the basis for Life Purpose on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch—its essentially a […]