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Finger Map App Adds Plans with a Single Tap

Tweet Price: Free Special Rating: Finger Map is a location-based map app by Jellycoaster that finds local businesses, hotels, restaurants, pubs, trams, parking, and just about anything else you’re looking for. The app serves as a front-end for both Google Maps and Foursquare, providing you with updated information on locations in your area. Features: As […]


Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5 Apps for March 25

Tweet Top 5 iPhone Apps Another smashing week for iPhone apps! In fact, we could hardly catch our breath this week as great apps were launching vigorously and we were working hard at the iPhone App Review to cover all the action! This week was like a fine souffle of iPhone apps, it had just […]


Take an International Audio Tour with Global Sounds

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: Global Sounds is an interesting app for audio fans with an international community twist. Ever wanted to record memorable or interesting moments on audio and replay them easily? How about share fantastic audio recording with the entire world, just from your iPod Touch or iPhone? You can do this and […]


Color iPhone App Changes the Way You Share your Life

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: While reviewing the Color iPhone app, I found myself first humming Ice T’s song “Colors,”  and later Police’s “Don’t Stand so Close to Me.” In a nutshell, this summarizes this review. However, let me expound a bit. Functionality: First let’s start with the Ice T humming Color evoking thoughts. Color […]


Vanquish Boring Address Books with the Tatap Call App

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Tired of your stale contact list or address book on your iPhone? Check out Tatap Call, a sweet contacts list alternative iPhone app, from developer Francesco Ingrassia. Turn your best friends into cool stamps and quickly call them with this bargain-priced app. Controls: Tatap Call gives you the option of tapping […]


NewtonApples: Phinger Phun with Physics

Tweet Price $ .99 Rating: EdenPod’s NewtonApples iPhone app is a delightful finger-flicking game that attempts to entertain and educate you at the same time. By protecting a sleeping Isaac Newton from falling apples, you’ll uncover hours of apple-popping fun, as well as three of Sir Netwon’s most famous laws. Gameplay: First and foremost, NewtonApples […]

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