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12N HD - 12N

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Get instant access to practically any number in a wide range of languages both in written and spoken form using the 12N-HD iPad app.

The main focus of most iPhone and iPad apps that teach new languages is with words, however, 12N-HD concentrates on numbers based on the concept that people always seem to go back to counting in their own language, even if they can speak in multiple languages.

The features on 12N-HD have been designed to cater for everyone from children, who will be able to use the app to learn to count in various different languages, to business users who will be able to discuss figures more easily during meetings with foreign clients. Tourists also get the chance to learn enough to allow them to talk about numbers when eating out, buying souvenirs, and paying for a taxi – which is great for those that want to avoid getting ripped off or fancy trying their hands at a spot of haggling!


The overall design of 12N-HD is fairly simple but this is hardly surprising when you consider that this app only really teaches you about numbers. The screen essentially provides you with a numeric keypad with numbers 0 to 9 in the main body along with a question mark that takes you through a tutorial and a play button that provides the number shown verbally. There are also various buttons at the top and the bottom of the screen. The reason for the vague description of the buttons is because unless you check out the website the buttons are just that, vague. The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to switch between the three different games and then depending on which games are chosen the buttons at the top change. As this app is utilized globally, embedding videos and instructions for every and all languages would prove challenging. Thus, the developer has a growing library of YouTube videos, over 50 to date, in a variety of languages.  To take a look at this robust library follow this YouTube Link.


When you first install the app you will be able to learn about numbers in one particular language and then any other language choice will cost you extra. The various different features used by 12N-HD to teach you how to say and spell the numbers of the chosen country make the whole learning process much easier.

The main feature of this iPad app involves simply entering a number and the app then provides you with the spelling of the number, the written pronunciation and also the spoken number so you can get used to it in different forms. A sideline feature is a quiz where the app reads out a number in the chosen foreign language and you then have to choose which corresponding English number the app has just read out, which is great for users who want to get used to how numbers are pronounced correctly. A final feature is the currency converter that allows you to enter a figure in one currency and have it instantly translated into another currency. Additionally, the user is able to decide the language that the current is translated into. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, and wish to have a USD amount translated from pesos, the pronunciation could be in Spanish.

Another feature that we feel makes this app much more robust is the pronunciation comparison feature, which truly brings a higher level of learning into the iPad app. This allows the user to record their own voice and then compare their pronunciation to perfect the vocal inflections.  You may view a video of this feature below.


This app is great for teaching you about numbers in different languages but it would be helpful if this app also offered tutorials on actual vocabulary, of which we hope to see in future updates. The free access to this app is fine and definitely value for money but there is a fairly substantial cost if you want to add on any languages above and beyond the first. With that said, we are quite pleased to learn that the developers are offering the iPad app free of charge to educational institutions, and they will provide all students of the registered teacher with a free app as well. To us, this shows commitment to the learning process.

12N HD iPad app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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