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VideoPuzzle iphone app

Reviewed By Jackson S.


Price $.99  –  Score: 8/10

VideoPuzzle is a creative new application from Ideateca Factory S.A.  It builds off of the old  picture puzzle game that we all loved from our youth.  The fundamental idea is that you get to see the original image and then it gets sliced up and scrambled, at which point you are able to drag the pieces back in order to form the original.  Fun idea right? Well, what makes this old idea a new trick is the really cool aspect within the game wherein it creates the puzzles out of moving video!

There are several stock videos, but you can also choose pictures or videos from your own library to use, thus personalizing an creating your own puzzle.  As you progress through the game the puzzles are divided up into more pieces and its harder and harder to get it put back together. The progressive challenge was quite entertaining.  Check out their demo video to see the game in action.

Graphics 8/10

There isn’t a lot going on in the graphics department of this game, but the concept is really neat.  Having moving video adds a cool dimension to an old game idea.  The fact that you can use your own videos and pictures makes it even more fun.  The video playback was smooth and fluid in its loop cycle and progressing to the next video is quick.  Also, there isn’t a long load time that would take away from the game experience.

Interactivity 8/10

VideoPuzzle is quick to get you into the action.  Not a lot of menu options to bog it down.  I was fast into the action within seconds of booting up the game.  I was very entertained with how you can quickly drag the pieces around and even double tap the slices to flip them right-side-up if they are flipped as part of the puzzle.  In the more advanced stages there are additional segments and it becomes increasingly harder to rearrange.

Fun Factor 8/10

The game kept me engaged for some time, and the app does have the option to use your own video, thus expanding the possibilities endlessly. However, it is easier to start with their pre-looped content.  If they add more content with future upgrades it would make for a longer lasting attention span of the players.  Also, the music would be more appealing if it changed as you access higher levels.

Price/Value 7/10

VideoPuzzle only costs $0.99.  If you are a fan of picture puzzles, I could see playing this game for hours when time permits, or sneaking in a quick game for a few minutes when you have the chance.  Adding your own videos from your library adds to the fun elements and increases the overall experience.

It’s simplistic form makes this app easy to understand and navigate.  You get immersed into the action right from the start, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing how far you can progress through its challenges.

VideoPuzzle [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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