SMSwriter Proves That it is Not The Thought That Counts

SMSwriter iPhone app review

SMSwriter shows that you somewhat, potentially, kind of, in a way, took the time to write.

For those who are simply to busy to think, help has arrived!

Now, rather than taking the time to put thought into a message that you may wish to convey to a loved one, friend, or other acquaintance, you can simply download an iPhone app, check off a pre-selected message, and save those critical moments of nearly wasted mental efforts for better use.

SMSwriterLite is a new iPhone app designed at taking the thought out of, well, putting thought into your messages. The developer states that this app will give you something original to say. This would assume then that they expect very few people will download the app, as if it was a success, and therefore downloaded by millions, their “original” sayings would become anything but original.

If you are too busy to put your own thoughts into the messages that you wish to convey, and/or if the people you text do not deserve the time it takes to create your own message, then SMSwriterLite is a great iPhone app for you.

SMSwriter is free and compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later

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