Shoot the Apple – and Scare a Few Politicians

ShootTheApple - ConglomerApps

Reviewed by Grace Light

Price: $.99   —  Score: 8 /10

The time-honored archery tradition of piercing an apple held precariously on someone’s head has been modernized, thanks to Shoot the Apple (no pun intended towards the manufacturer of the iPad), a new app designed especially for the iPad.  The bow and arrow have been replaced to a gun and bullets, and the willing archery assistant has been usurped by nervous (and rightfully so!) politicians.

While many apps are designed for both the iPhone and iPad markets, I especially appreciated that Shoot the Apple takes advantage of the iPad’s tilt feature to make the game more challenging.  Those who enjoy the pace of accelerometer based games will like tapping and tilting their iPads away in Shoot the Apple.

Fun Factor – 8/10

Using the iPad’s tilt feature to its fullest ability makes Shoot the Apple both fun and challenging, as it is a test of both concentration and steadiness (making it a good game for steady-handed surgeons!).   Choose from an array of weapons, and then tilt your iPad until you set your marks on the apple above a nerve-wracked politician’s head (although you don’t earn the privilege of being graced by the politicians until the second level).

As you improve your aim, you graduate to new levels, with each level showcasing its own unique personalities, settings, weapons, and challenges.  From explosives to money, there are many perks to earn, and you are rewarded with more weapons as you shoot more apples accurately in each level.  With its continual challenges and new weapons, this is a game app that can entertain you for many plays to come.

Graphics – 8/10

The graphics in this game are rich, and I especially appreciated the attention-to-detail in matching the background environment with the apple-perching person.  While the graphics wouldn’t necessarily be showcased in an art portfolio, they are undoubtedly fun – which is indeed the point of an accelerator action game!

In Good Conscience – 7/10

In light of the recent tragedy in Arizona, shooting weapons towards politicians is a bit faux pas (although there are a fair share of ghosts, pirates, and other ghastly characters in the first stage).  However, I do greatly appreciate that the developers never “hurt” the apple-bearing character.  If you miss your shot, no one gets hurt – but instead, you may get a few chuckles out of the animated and surprised faces you will see.  I would equate the reaction to your friends’ faces when they get pelted with a paint gun ball.

Shoot the Apple is a worthy download for iPad enthusiasts of accelerator based games.  If you are looking to hone your concentration skills, improve your hand steadiness, and enjoy a fun challenge, then Shoot the Apple!

Shoot the Apple [ iTunes Link ]requires iPad OS 3.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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