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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson


Price: Free  — Rating: 9/10

You know what they say, it’s the size of your nose that – wait.  Two dimples in your cheeks are better than – hold on.  Anyone with a prominent chin always has – no that’s not it!  With lips that full you know she –  never mind!  Come to think of it what does your face have to do with your sex life?  According to, everything!  This iPhone app offers sex life analysis based on your facial features! In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to this theory at

Fun Factor  9/10

This iPhone app should carry a warning – may cause phone to overheat!  You had no idea what was brewing behind all those innocent mug shots in your photo gallery!  Either by taking a fresh photo or by pulling one from your saved pictures, you and your mate, lover, spouse, or friends can have some temperature raising fun, that’s for sure!  After the picture you select or create is scanned then it is scoured over by Sexy Face’s highly scientific facial attribute and symmetry analyzer!  Hold on to your hats! (or your knickers!) because next comes the report!  Now depending on who you’re with this report is either an instruction manual for the evening or a daily horoscope for anyone you’re curious about.

Graphics  9/10

Did somebody say graphic!  At the beginning of the report you will be given (maybe assigned!) a few icons to peruse.  These icons recommend a sexual position or two (or three) that are a direct result of the facial features that were scanned.  How big is your nose?  As you scroll down the report a series of boxes will present themselves each with a specific trait and a few words about that trait.  Also the box will include a highlighted area of the face and a heart graphic that is either full, half full, or almost empty.  This seems to correspond to the trait that is touched on.  For example if ‘Vulnerability’ is a trait that comes in the report and the heart icon next to it is full, watch out!  This means your mate is extremely vulnerable and it might say something like “For one to reach heaven with her one must go through hell, one wrong move and it’s game over!”  And of course the whole app is draped in a sultry red background, just to add a little heat to the fire!

User Friendliness   9/10

This app is very easy to use, assuming you’re not nervously shaking as your seducer asks you to take her picture!  Otherwise it’s a matter of taking a photo or choosing a photo, and then pressing the scan button.  The report is automatically generated and can even be sent via email directly to your mate!  Now after the report is generated, how you use the rest of your evening is entirely up to you!!  User friendliness score: 9 out of 10.

Sexy Face [ iTunes Link ]  requires iPhone iOS 3.1,2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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