Play The Relationship Game With My Virtual Girlfriend

Reviewed by S. Campbell

Price: $0.99  —  Score: 8/10

Developed by the aptly named WET Productions, My Virtual Girlfriend is a universal iOS game for iPhone and iPad. Featuring slick 3D graphics, bright colorful menus and artwork as well as high quality music with Sims-like gameplay – My Virtual Girlfriend isn’t quite as sleazy as you might first expect.

At the beginning of the game you go through a matchmaking process, where you select your own physical traits like things like build, hair color and body type. You also choose from your own emotional and personality characteristics like charisma, humour and intelligence. You then select the qualities you look for in a girl – which tended to be leaning more towards descriptors like naughtiness, sexiness, affectionate and caring – as well as physical characteristics. Once you’ve completed the matchmaking process you’ll be offered a selection of three ‘virtual girlfriends’ to choose from, complete with likes and dislikes.

My Virtual Girlfriend has a lot of similarities in the gameplay to The Sims, whereby your interactions with a person are initiated via a series of menus divided up into actions, activities, touch and speak. Tapping on Actions for example, brings up a new menu with choices such as ‘Give Compliment’, ‘Hold hands’ and ‘Read to her’. With every action, your virtual girlfriend responds with some Sims-like gibberish, but there’s text on the screen that translates.

As you continue to be a nice guy and interact with her, the empty heart in the top right of the screen begins to fill up. Once your heart-bar is full, you ‘level up’ and access new actions. At level two for example, you can Brag, Preach and Wink at her. At level 3 you can Pick your Nose, Give gentle kiss and Go to work.

At the beginning she will love your every move, but my ‘girl’ started developing a little attitude, requesting that I “do her laundry” and stating that “we will get along fine as long as you do what I say” – so you have to be careful how you handle the situations that arise.

My Virtual Girlfriend is all about finding out what works and trying to level up as much as you can. A high-quality app for $0.99 and not one that takes itself too seriously.

My Virtual Girlfriend is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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