Mind Scan Camera Free Fails to Find Inner Emotions

Price: Free    Score: 6/10     By A. PapachristosMind Scan Camera Free : The Emotion-Aware Photo Booth - BlueFinger

Perhaps you’re smiling on the outside, a mask that shields the world from your innermost feelings.  However, Mind Scan Camera Free: The Emotion-Aware Photo Booth by BlueFinger claims that it can differentiate your mind from your facial expressions, exposing how you truly feel through photo analysis.

The basic concept implies that Mind Scan Camera Free can detect up to 12 different moods: happiness, excitement, “no-idea”, anger, joy, worry, loneliness, fatigue, sadness, “poker face”, surprise and boredom.  With multiple face technology, users need only snap a face-front picture to supposedly reveal the inner emotions of all their subjects, the post to Twitter and Facebook.

Upon startup, users will find the main menu, which allows them to either take a picture right within the application or choose any image from their photo library.  Below, the menu also provides buttons for purchasing the full version, rating the application and reading its basic information.  When you take a picture within the application itself, use the camera feature as you normally would, then choose ‘retake’ or ‘use’ once you’ve acquired said image.  Mind Scan Camera Free will begin to scan and process your image.  Simply touch the image once the app is ready to reveal your subject’s true emotions.

For those using the Pro version, you not only cut out all of the annoying ads, but the need to touch the image to reveal the result as well.  Unfortunately, the small price tag still seems like quite a bit of money when you consider how ridiculous Mind Scan Camera Free truly is in the first place.  While I think we can safely assume that no one expects an application to really be able to detect your innermost feelings, Mind Scan Camera Free also fails in the fun department.  I’m sure such an app should be taken in jest, but when you fail to make customers laugh and enjoy, the premise goes from gimmicky to god-awful.

Mind Scan Camera Free [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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