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Apple’s iPhone is the best mobile gaming platform available with new games coming out almost every day to take advantage of the powerful graphics and processing and large, high resolution screens. This month sees the release of some great games including Dead Space, a new Tomb Raider, Sumo Fighter and the elegant Maseus.

The Dead Space app launched this month to tie in with the release of Dead Space 2 on the XBox and PC and offers a graphically impressive side story, intended to set the stage for what follows in Dead Space 2. You play this survival horror title from the first person viewpoint using an intuitive swipe-and-tap interface to fight enemies aboard an abandoned space station. This game is a lot of fun with incredible graphics and sound for a mobile game and many jumps and scares, it has decent voice acting and benefits from being played with headphones to get the most out of the atmosphere.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is not a revamp of an old Tomb Raider title, it’s an all-new isometric view co-op action/adventure game designed for dual sticks and includes the sort of exploration, discovery, platforming and puzzle solving you would expect from a Tomb Raider title. It includes character progression and interesting elements of cooperation and competition with other players.

For kids’ gaming Kooapps have just release their new game Sumo Fighter, this free game is very simple and well presented as you create a Sumo fighter of your own and compete with other fighters on your way to becoming the champion. It also offers automatic integration with Facebook and Twitter letting you boast about your progress to all your friends.

Finally Mazeus, also a free game, is a new three dimensional maze solving app, much like the old steel ball in a maze games that come in Christmas crackers, this takes the idea to a whole new level offering incredibly complicated mazes for you to lead the ball through by tilting the phone.

The most exciting recent non-gaming app is Word Lens. This uses your phone`s video camera to translate printed words from one language to another while on vacation or business trips and displays the image from the video camera with the translated text in place of the original. At present it only offers Spanish to English and visa versa but more languages are on the way and it does not require network access to function.

Instagram is a new photo editing and sharing app that turns your photos into social media. Your location data can be used to automatically tag your images and the app has built-in integration with the websites Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous and Facebook.

For children Grimm’s Rapunzel is a 3D interactive pop-up book, taking the story of the Grimm Brother`s Rapunzel and updating it with interactive pop-up scenes, high-quality music, narration and humorous sound effects. Children progress through the story by solving simple puzzles and completing tasks or the story can be set to autoplay to keep them entertained. The app supports English, German and French and is fantastic for children.

Watch this space for the latest iphone app reviews for gaming, social media and productivity reviews.

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