iTabo – Because Every Word is Worth its Weight in Gold

iTabo app review

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

iTabo - Micha? Parpura


Price:  $.99   Rating: 9/10

You’re telling me my job is to make you say the word CAT?  That’s easy!  But I can’t use the words MEOW, KITTY, WHISKERS, FELINE, or PURR in doing so!  That’s hard – and it’s hilarious!  I find myself muttering words such as  “four legged animal,” um,  sofa scratcher!  uh,  poops in a box, let’s se, king of the home jungle?  I sound like an idiot!  But I’m a smart idiot!  My team won!

iTabo by Michat Parpura is a great word game app that is lots of fun!

Fun Factor  9/10

Let the laughter begin!  The funniest part of this game is watching your loved ones try and explain something with half their brain tied behind their back.  The concept is simple, you are given a word and you have to give clues to induce your team mate to say the word.  However each word comes with a list of forbidden words that you’re not allowed to use!  Because of the list of forbidden words each player has to think of completely different ways to describe the keyword and it is hilarious! If the keyword is too difficult you can skip to the next one, but this may cost you a penalty point or two!   And of course the clock is ticking, the score is close, and if you’re in my house the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

User Friendliness  9/10

This app is very easy to use as the touch menu commands allow you to zip through the game!  The settings are also very easy to adjust as you can increase the points it takes to win, change the round timer, and vary the amount of penalty points.  You can also turn the music and sounds on or off.  It is designed for two teams each with two players but regardless of your numbers it’s a great time!

Addictiveness  9 / 10

Watch out!  If you’re like me and you love to win (make that hate to lose!) you may not be able to put this game down so quick!  And when you play with other win lovers (lose haters!) the competition can get fierce, which again is a ton of fun!  By the way, if the keyword is ketchup and your opponent just points to the ketchup bottle that is sitting on the dinner table, that’s cheating right?  That’s what I thought!

iTabo [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this iPhone app review

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