Dastardly ‘DoodleBoy’ Destroys Deadly Zombies and Killer Clowns

Price: $.99    Score: 7/10    By A. PapachristosDoodleBoy Lite - The Violence Park - j2sighte

The park is overrun by the evil undead, and only you can stomp them from running rampant in the streets.  As you play, you become DoodleBoy, a gun-carrying, knife-wielding youngster who must destroy the killer zombies and clowns roaming the park.  With DoodleBoy – the Violence Park by Jerry Lee, you must create a strategy for killing these creepy creatures before they bombard you and tear you to pieces.

The main menu greets users with a sinister little boy waving a weapon in front of a Ferris wheel in the bottom right corner of the screen.  At the top of the page, users will find both the New Game and Credits buttons, while the Options, Change Face, More games and Prizes buttons occupy the bottom.  More Games, as implied, features advertisements for other games by the developer.  The Prizes button acts as a trophy case of sorts, displaying all the dolls you collect throughout the game, for there are 10 to find during game play.  Here, users may also access the Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Options allows users to adjust the sound and music volume levels.  Users may also choose their game difficulty – easy, medium, or hard.  Change Face, the most interesting of these components, actually provides users with an easy way to draw their own character face or import a picture of themselves and use it in place of the character’s typical face animation.

As you journey through the park, gamers earn money within the application that will later allow them to purchase more ammunition and weapon and mana upgrades, with 24 different weapons and four different mana items to choose from at the end of each stage.  In fact, once you’ve passed one boss stage, you may even use your money to hire one of the three available killers to help you in your efforts.

You will find the health and mana bars in the top left corner.  Your mana and ammo remaining stats, plus life hearts, money accumulated and the pause button all reside in the top right corner.  The bottom left corner features the navigational buttons, which you’ll use to move back and forth across the screen.  For access to you mana, knife and gun, use their respective icons in the bottom right corner.  Just tap them to enable their use.  To try the Lite version of DoodleBoy, click here.

Though you may find yourself running out of ammo quickly at first, leaving you to get mauled by approaching zombies (because your knife just doesn’t kill them quick enough), you will quickly develop your own strategy for conserving ammo and killing the undead, all while successfully reaching the carousel and moving on to the next stage.  Throughout the game, you will find targets scattered along your path.  Shoot them or give them a good slice with your knife to destroy them and reveal bonus money or extra ammo.  Eventually, you will find your own rhythm that kills those menacing monsters and keeps you alive – a delightful challenge!

For a video demonstration of what DoodleBoy has to offer, click here.

DoodleBoy [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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