Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5

Top 5 iPhone Apps Reviewed

Top iPhone apps of the Week – February 25th

There certainly was no shortage of creative and innovative iPhone apps this week, and we covered some great new releases.

To start, there were some innovative and functional iPhone apps reviewed , such as the new phone utilities Tribair, a VoIP app, and TrueCaller,  a call identifier and spam blocker. And, if you missed the fun and sexy Sexy Face app, it may be worth a peek. However, in addition to our iPhone app coverage, there are a number of other great apps to explore in this week’s top five iPhone apps review.


MLB at batt 11

MLB At Bat 11 – $14.99

Less than 24 hours ago MLB A Bat 11 was released in Apple’s iTunes store. In under ten hours it was the number one app within the sports category. Surprisingly, the price point of $14.99 for the app has not slowed it down.

The new version of MLB At Bat offers several new features, including your ability to pick your favorite team, which is then set as your default landing page. You also get access to over 150 live streams, via MLB.TV for spring training, however, a subscription is then necessary to continue.  MLB At Bat 11 is available for both the iPhone and iPad.


Tiny Wings – $ .99

Angry Birds finally has a real reason to be, well, angry! After reigning as king of the iPhone app games for about a year, they have been trumped by one of their own. Yes, another bird now holds the crown!

Tiny wings is easy to play, easy to love, and very addictive! You assume the role of a tiny bird, who also possesses tiny wings, and your main goal is simply to fly – easier said than done.

Thankfully there are plenty of jumps, hills, and bumps to get you airborne, the rest is up to you!


Instagram iPhone app

Instagram iPhone app

instagram iPhone App – Free

Get ready instagram app fans, as this powerful, fun, and largely popular photo sharing iPhone app has just officially released their real time API.

The newly launched Instagram API will allow developers to flesh out additional utilities designed at further enhancing photos which are currently published by the app. This will also allow for the app to gain wider acceptance and utilization via additional platforms, such as Android.

Like the app itself, the newly launched API is free of charge.


Hipmunk iPhone app review

Hipmunk – Free

Many of you may already be familiar with Hipmunk’s search site aimed at the travel crowed, however their newly launched Hipmunk iPhone app is taking the easy and sophistication of their services to those on the go.

Simply enter your current city, or airport name, and Hipmunk will locate your airport. Next, enter your destination, departure date, and if a round trip is in order, the return date. You can also fine tune the search by entering in such details as number of passengers or class of seat desired (first class, etc.). Once the details are in place, Hipmunk goes to work and digs up the best deals!

Hipmunk knows what you want, and thus the results are sorted by price as a default. However, those who are not on a budget may also change the result priority to flight duration, time of departure, or a factor they describe as “Agony.”


Confession: A Roman Catholic App$1.99

Ah yes, and who could forget this weeks app Confession, that potentially turned your iPhone into a confessional.

Absolution has never been easier. Simply enter your details and you are presented with check boxes wherein you may describe your sins in detail. Let’s hope it does not auto-dial the person in question.



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