Battle Chaos, Restore Order with Emross War

Emross War iphone app

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

Price: Free  —  Rating: 7/10

Whether you’re on your computer or passing the time with your iPhone, there’s no shortage of war games. Those that immerse players into a deep realm, such as  Emross War by iFree Studio, encourage users from all over the world to work together to defeat invaders and restore order to the land.  This massive multiplayer online strategy game promises users ease, claiming it only takes three minutes to learn.  Unfortunately, however, victory doesn’t come quite as easily.

When you begin, you will find the main page, which features the Start Game and My Account buttons.  My Account lets you switch between accounts and retrieve your password.  Start Game begins with an explanation of the back story, eventually leading you to a page that requires users to login or register using their character name, castle name and race (human, elf or orc).

Game Play – 8/10

The game dives into the land of Emross, a kingdom of myth and legend.  Since ancient times, the humans, elves and orcs have been at war with each other.  However, the invasion of the Chaos army has only intensified the conflict.  But now that you, a young lord, have inherited a small castle from your family, you must begin your personal journey toward victory.  Users will have the chance to meet and recruit legendary heroes along the way, including the most powerful guardian creature of their own race.  Yet somehow, all these fancy scenarios are not often the most enjoyable element to the game, that is often found in the fact that you can meet up with, and make, new friends as you progress.  Because of Emross War’s online nature, users gain the interaction that makes most MMORPGs significantly more interesting than solo game play.

Users will start with quests that will guide them as they develop step-by-step with the guidance of your in-game father’s old friend.  Quests are typical to such games as much of World of Warcraft focuses upon such tasks to level characters.  All necessary icons can be found sprawled across the bottom of the screen.  And though one must expect such a game to start off slowly as they build the skills they need to truly succeed, the training truly drags considering users can supposedly learn how to use this game in no more than three minutes.

Uniqueness and Usability: 7/10

Once you’ve gotten the lay of the land, you will find that Emross War has the same feel as most other games of the sort.  The only difference is that the small scale makes you spend more time squinting.  I feel that in the end the developers could have a solid foundation that would give the major players in this arena the run for their money – however, they need to create an element that is clever to help them stand out. This is something to look forward to in future updates!

Emross War [ iTunes link ] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

Emross War  iphone app

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One Response to “Battle Chaos, Restore Order with Emross War”

  1. Phil says:

    If you don’t like mmorpg or you don’t know what it is turn away now otherwise read on.

    Emross War: This game is the best available mmrpg that I have found for free on iTunes for the iphone/ itouch and has only been running for a week at most (version 1.1)

    I would ask for you to give it a try only takes 3 mins of your time to learn and if your interested join us now, download the game through itunes, entering refer code for bonuses: hj8fus

    The more people the better, add me to your favourites in game name: kobold

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