Baby Aquarium – my first colors – An Aquatic Adventure of Educational Proportions

Baby Aquarium – my first colors

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Price: Free Until 3/1/11 then $.99   —    Rating: 9/10

I think this is how Jacques Cousteau spent his days as an infant!  Baby Aquarium – my first colors by Kids Place is a vibrant, bright, cheery introduction to sight and sound for young impressionable minds.  After several minutes immersed in this game (it takes an underwater view of things), you feel like you’re ready to dry off and walk down the shores of a tropical beach with Pina Colada in hand!  Is it hard to push a stroller on the sand?

Learning: 8/10

Your child will love the way these basic colors are taught.  Offering colors such as yellow, green, pink, orange, brown, red, and blue, they appear in the form of a tropical fish swimming in a coral-filled seascape.  The little user will quickly learn that touching the fish once will divulge its color, while a second touch sends a new fish, and of course a new color, swimming into the picture.  As long as your little user isn’t trying to Find Nemo, the app is a great way to grasp colors.  I give it a learning score of 8 out of 10.

Graphics: 9/10

It’s never too early to learn about triggerfish, angelfish, blowfish, clownfish, or butterfly fish, as this app accurately uses all of them.  One of the most impressive features in this app is that when the single fish is touched, the word of the color appears.  For example, a blue fish is touched, the word “Blue” appears, and the word blue is also spoken.  This is a triple whammy when it comes to retention.  As the colorful fish swim to the forefront of the screen your child should also benefit from the articulate and lifelike background scenery.  After identifying a handful of colors the backgrounds automatically change from a tropical clear blue open sea complete with penetrating sunbeams to a coral and moss filled underwater garden.  There are bubbles and jellyfish and what appears to be a fountain of colorful pebbles that spew up from the bottom of the screen and then rain down every time a new fish appears.  For a young mind this will be a feast of visual delights!  Graphics score, 9 out of 10.

Sound: 8/10

First and foremost the best audio bit is the announcement of the color that is identified.  When your child touches a purple fish, for example, a Mary Poppins like voice will say “Purple!”  And since the fish has to be touched twice to move on you get the lovely “Purple” again!  You’re almost certain “Two Spoons of Sugar” is going to follow.  In addition the spewing pebbles are pleasantly clattering about every time a fish is touched.  When a new color is on its way a heavenly harp like tune is played and as with any seascape a relaxing bubble filled, swaying, tide like whooshing sound is constantly audible!  Sound score, 8 out of 10.

Baby Aquarium – my first colors requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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