Taking Ambiance to a Whole New Level – Ambient Mood Flashlight

Reviewed By Jackson S.

Price $0.99  —   Score – 8/10

Ambient Mood Flashlight is an atmospheric application that features five unique themes of imagery and a soothing soundtrack that you can relax to.  Each theme has colors and animated graphics that can be touched and interacted with and they harmoniously chime a series of sound effects when you do.  The themes go from a starry night to hearts and kisses to balloons and smiley faces, so there is something for everyone.  One nice feature is that you can swap between themes without a break in the soundtrack so you don’t have a disturbance in the mood.

Usability – 8/10

The main purpose for this application is to provide calming, ambient music with an interactive touch that can be enjoyed by babies, children, and adults alike.  There isn’t a lot going on with this application, but that’s the point.  You can flip it on and just zone out to the calm guitar and synth soundtrack.  You can touch the graphical elements as they lazily float towards you and they will spin around and create relaxing effects.  The developer states that it is great to fall asleep to, or to change your mood, and I believe that it will aid in both.

Interactivity – 7/10

The interactivity of this application is somewhat limited, but it’s design is to provide ambient music and imagery, thus interactivity isn’t necessary to enjoy it.  I put it on for a while in the background and it definitely provided a sense of calming.  I would like to have options to change the musical selection as it can get repetitious after a while, but that could be something considered by Kids Place for further developmental updates.

Fun Factor – 8/10

I think that young children will very much enjoy this application.  The colors and animations provide vivid eye stimulation and it’s so easy to use, anyone can get the most out of it.  Starting with five themes is ok, but I would like to see additional downloadable content or regular updates that would give you additional themes and music.

Price/Value – 9/10

Kids Place charges $0.99 for this application.  Aside from being free, this is as cheap as I’ve seen any application.  If you can use this app to relax or as a fun way to entertain your kids, then it is priceless in my opinion.

Ambient Mood Flashlight can be a great app to keep you entertained as your mind relaxes or to help you drift away with its soft score and rich media.  Don’t expect a variety of flashing images and fast techno, and use this app as intended – to sooth your mood and relax you, or to entertain your children with this fun application.

Ambient Mood Flashlight requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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