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Newton’s Laws Teaches the Physics of Motion on Your Mobile Device

Tweet Price: $.99   —  Rating: 9/10 Science doesn’t necessarily have to be something one learns from a textbook, for every lesson upon those pages can be found throughout everyday life.  From the weather, to car engines, to why things fall down, scientific lessons and phenomena are all around.  And now, with Newton’s Laws by […]


Super Crop – Easier, Faster, Smarter!

Tweet Price: Free — Rating: 8/10 It’s a candid shot!  Rarely does the whale watching trip get this close to an actual whale!  You pull out your iPhone and quickly snap a photo!  Before this picture goes out to the world on Facebook let’s take a look at it.  There’s the amazing whale, the beautiful […]


Tease Your Brain and Memory with VideoPuzzle!

Tweet   Price $.99  –  Score: 8/10 VideoPuzzle is a creative new application from Ideateca Factory S.A.  It builds off of the old  picture puzzle game that we all loved from our youth.  The fundamental idea is that you get to see the original image and then it gets sliced up and scrambled, at which […]