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Baby Aquarium – my first colors – An Aquatic Adventure of Educational Proportions

TweetPrice: Free Until 3/1/11 then $.99   —    Rating: 9/10 I think this is how Jacques Cousteau spent his days as an infant!  Baby Aquarium – my first colors by Kids Place is a vibrant, bright, cheery introduction to sight and sound for young impressionable minds.  After several minutes immersed in this game (it […]


Transform Your Device into a VoIP Phone with Tribair

TweetPrice: Free  —  Rating: 8/10 For those wishing to turn their mobile Apple device into a dependable VoIP phone, a new alternative awaits.  With Tribair – Free Phone Calls by Tribair, users can make free and paid phone calls over the Internet without roaming charges using one of their over 250,000 Wi-Fi spots all around […]


Penelope the Purple Pirate Promotes Early Learning and Reading Skills

TweetPrice: $1.99   —   Rating: 8/10 For those who love books, the budding digital age may be devastating.  Bookstores, even famous chains, continue to file for bankruptcy and close their doors all because the Internet and digital devices have replaced people’s need for physical reading material.  And while actual books do still exist – […]