Coordinate International Conference Calls with World Meeting Planner

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Scheduling meetings never seems to be an easy task, but the struggle increases immensely when scheduling also means juggling multiple time zones.  An international conference call is bound to cause time conflicts amongst the various participants.  But now, with World Meeting Planner by Mirek Elsner, users have access to a world clock that makes scheduling anything from conference calls, to webcasts, to virtual training a breeze.

Users will begin on the Locations tab, which features a ‘+’ icon in the top right corner so they may add all the locations that shall inevitably be involved with their meeting.  Simply begin typing at least two characters to reveal a list of possible locations from the over 40,000-city database.  The Time tab will allow you to then pick a meeting time and date in your time zone, for which it will then display the time and date equivalent in all of your other chosen locations.

The Calendar tab provides a way for users to invite others to the meeting via email.  Here, users may also enter the meeting in their device’s built-in calendar, though this feature is only enabled on full versions of World Meeting Planner.  The Favorites tab allows full version users to collect their most frequently used locations or people in a single list for quick future reference.  The Info tab simply provides buttons that may come in handy if you are ever in need of assistance: Report or Discuss a Problem, Frequently Asked Questions and Detailed Online Help.

World Meeting Planner’s settings cannot be adjusted within the application, but under your system’s regular settings instead.  Here, you may edit the Organizer’s name and email address, choose whether you’d like to see the city names appear with accents or in simple ASCII style, and turn the advanced search capabilities on or off.

The idea behind World Meeting Planner stems from a desire to find an easy way to schedule international meetings that are undoubtedly difficult to coordinate.  The goal is to inevitably find a meeting time that works conveniently for all participants in all the involved time zones.  Just select the participating locations, coordinate a time, and invite everyone involved.  Dealing with time zones seems tricky enough, but World Meeting Planner provides an invaluable service that shall hopefully ease the burden of scheduling for businesses all around the world.

World Meeting Planner [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. OnConference Inc says:

    Great article! These tips apply to meetings in general … nicely organized and good advice. I would also add that you can then create a podcast of the meeting (simple to do using GoToWebinar or Webex [for Mac users] – and making it available to everyone. To take it to the next level you could even include a transcript of the meeting in an electronic format so it’s easy to have it translated by the meeting attendant. Thanks again for providing valuable information out here :)

  2. Jerry Everett says:

    international Conference Calls is a very good and can you tell me is it also works for mobile conference calls?

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