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When you head to the store, shopping with a list in hand not only ensures that you get everything you need, but it also encourages you to stick with only what’s written down, eliminating the tendency for frivolous spending.  Conveniently, with ShoppingList by Werner Freytag, users can head out prepared with a collection of individualized lists to ensure that they buy all they need in a single trip.

Beginning with blank screen resembling a sheet of typical grid paper, this sample setup serves as your list template.  Use the ‘+’ icon in the bottom left corner to begin adding items to this starter list or use the Lists icon in the top left corner to view the main listing.  On this main page, users will be able to create more lists, allowing them to organize their lists by store or any other categorization they choose.  Just use the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner to start a new list.  Edit allows you to remove any lingering lists that have become unnecessary.

At the bottom of this page, users will find a navigation bar filled with additional tools.  To the right, you will find an icon that allows you to send your entire database by email or connect to another device via Bluetooth.  In the middle, the icon resembling a person reveals the About screen, which is self-explanatory.  And all the way to the left, users will find the most useful button of them all – Settings.  Here, users may adjust their List Index, List Appearance, Completed Products, Products, and Miscellaneous.  Use this section to adjust anything from the order of your lists and font size, to paper design and language.

The rest of the compilation depends on you.  Users can add items found on the frequently used list, or may enter their own names and needs.  Users can even enter the product’s amount if they know how much it costs.  ShoppingList will then calculate the total of your entire purchase so you can head to the store prepared and equipped with the correct amount of money.

Unfortunately, ShoppingList’s useful tools fail to qualify as unique.  As far as list-making applications are concerned, ShoppingList provides the typical tools available with every application of its sort, albeit the layout does prove to be quite user-friendly.  However, ShoppingList just does not have that special something that makes it stand out in the giant crowd of organizational apps for the iPhone.  Though one’s ability to track pricing and details of various items serves as a useful option, the list-making market offers so many wonderful applications, making preference and desire the key deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase.  This lack certainly does not detract from its capabilities, but it also has yet to set itself apart as a front-runner in the download department.

ShoppingList [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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