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Just as we provide our readers with insight into the great and not-so-great apps of the iPhone world, many websites across the Internet provide users with product reviews.  Some focus on the hottest electronics, while others recommend books, music and fashion.  With Ratingly by Mobitics, users can rate and search items of all types by simply scanning the item’s barcode, adding a rating a review to guide others in their purchases.

Using the alliterative slogan “Rate, React, Recommend”, Ratingly allows users to take practically any product they can find and enter it into the database if an entry does not already exist.  To begin, login with your email address and password, or sign up for a new account if you have never used the Ratingly website.

The Inbox supplies a tab for all reviews, ones written by you and those written by others.  Scan allows users to scan an item’s barcode for quick and easy recognition.  Reviews will appear if the item has previously been reviewed.  Those not in the system can easily be added by entering a description and then providing the very first review.  For those who cannot find products by scanning, just use the quick search feature to find what you’re looking for if it exists in the database.

While Ratingly promises a fantastically useful service, it still seems to be in its early stages, and will only truly take off if many people decide to latch on to its offerings.  Ratingly revolves around a very interactive concept, giving users the chance to share their opinions with a community, while allowing them to follow their favorite users, products or categories.  Users can even connect with their Twitter account and post their evaluations to the popular social networking site.  You can even follow Ratingly itself on Twitter.  However, if Ratingly does not become its own networking hub, users will not find quite the array of product ratings and reviews they were hoping for, making the service fairly useless.  But with such potential, one can only hope that Ratingly will become a source for consumer information for years to come.

Ratingly [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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