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Price: $.99     Score: 7/10     By A. PapachristosiStoire Chameleon - Laurent Kohler - Artisanat Numérique

Reading truly is a fundamental part of any culture, especially when it comes to educating the youth.  And now, with electronic books and stories making it even easier for people to access educational and reading materials more readily, the joy of reading has become not only a fun pastime, but also a typical daily task.  With iStoire Chameleon by Laurent Kohler – Artisanat Numérique, parents can spark their children’s interest in reading early with a story about a chameleon working to pursue his very own dreams.

The story itself, entitled The Chameleon Who Wants to Be Blue, features numerous illustrations and a few animations.  With such a self-explanatory title, parents know right away that this kid-friendly story falls into the same lesson learning literature that generally covers the shelves of the children’s section at their local bookstore.  Available in English, French and Italian, this story was made for children ages 4-9.

Upon startup, users will encounter a simple introductory page featuring one of the many chameleon drawings found throughout the story.  Tap on any of the languages listed toward the bottom to be taken to the connecting page that allows you to choose which language you desire.  The icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, which resembles the shape of home plate, will always take you back to the home page when tapped.

To begin, simply tap the screen.  A drawing will appear on screen, accompanied by a sentence of the story.  Those reading in portrait mode will find the words on the bottom, while those reading in landscape mode will find the words positioned to the side.  Each time you tap the screen, another sentence will appear, with a new drawing every few sentences or so.  Every now and again, the drawing will turn out to be an animation instead.

Unfortunately, at least in my experience, reading the story on an iPhone seemed to take longer than if it were in physical book form, or so I perceive.  Also, users must read the entire story in one sitting, for they may not return to the home screen without losing their place in the story.  However, for only $.99, parents can entertain their children and encourage their love for reading, which is always a worthwhile investment in the future.

iStoire Chameleon [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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