‘Escape the Room’ Before It Escapes You

Price: $4.99     Score: 6/10     By A. PapachristosEscape the room 2 - Nate Games

The eerie atmosphere of a truly creepy horror flick has always been hard to convey through today’s modern media vessels.  Today’s movies resort to the plotline of the typical slasher film, while games successfully elicit giggles instead of suspense.  However, Escape the Room 2 by Nate Games does a wonderful job of setting the mysterious stage of the elusive game that requires players to employ logic and cunning in order to facilitate their escape.

The game begins with a short, animated clip that truly sets the ambiance of the game’s theme.  Though users can skip the clip, watch it at least once to familiarize yourself with the overall tone.  After, you will then discover the main menu, featuring: Game Start, Special Item, Missions, Collections, Option, About Game and More Games.  Begin with About Game to learn the back-story, for it seems someone has locked you up and you must first escape all the rooms before ever learning the reason why.  Every hint and item along the way shall help you in your journey, while learning how to use the cursors, inventory and help items shall help you achieve your goal.

Collections will display your item box, memory of escape and puzzle pieces, while Special Item displays available help items.  However, one must be careful, for Escape the Room 2 employs the sneaky tactic many apps are being chastised for lately.  These items require in-app purchases, each costing $.99.  Don’t accidentally spend your money on unnecessary, virtual objects, and be sure to proceed with caution if allowing children to play said game.  Considering it costs an initial $4.99, I doubt many are going to be willing to shell out even more money.

Once you’re ready to begin, tap Game Start to choose the Basic or Secret Room.  However, beginners will find the Secret Room locked, leaving them no choice but to start in the only available room.  The long, introductory spiel seems never-ending and, unfortunately, froze and quit multiple times, leaving me frustrated as I had to start all over each time.  Determined to actually play the game, I developed a shortcut by tapping the back arrow in the top corner repeatedly until a pop-up appeared asking if I’d like to proceed with the tutorial.  Having no idea how to actually play the game, this tutorial seemed to be the only form of instructions available, so I tapped yes.

The tutorial game play seemed rather fun despite the guide’s slow pace, for it relies on the user being observant and resourceful.  However, this game’s incessant tendency to freeze and quit kept acting up, quitting in the middle of game play and leaving me to start from scratch each and every time.  Though I can understand the possibility of one’s device experiencing a slight overload while playing intricate games, they could at least make sure that the game saves your progress when it glitches and leaves you in a lurch.

Escape the Room 2 [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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