Christmas Gift Adds Wintery Feel to iPhone Photos

Price: Free     Score: 6/10     By A. PapachristosChristmas Gift - Alice Dev Team

Though Christmas has come and gone, the winter season persists.  The malls may be less hectic, and all the Christmas decorations may be on sale, but that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from the glow of the twinkle lights still remains.  And, with Christmas Gift by Alice Dev Team, users shouldn’t assume this app only serves a purpose 12 days each year.

You see, Christmas Gift allows users to decorate their photos with frosty frames, allowing them to then share their seasonal creations with friends and family.  Users need only take a new picture right within the application or choose from anything already in your photo library.  Once the photo has been imported, blow into your phone’s mouthpiece to watch as the frosty frame appears all around your photo.

Unfortunately, users don’t have much control as to the final product, for you must blow directly into the bottom of the device or else nothing will occur on-screen.  Each frame comes out looking nearly identical as a result.  Once the entire edge has been lined by frost, your blowing efforts become useless, so do not pass out under the impression that lighter or heavier breaths will help adjust the frame’s appearance.  This also leaves me perplexed, as I do believe many versions of the iPod Touch and iPad will require a special microphone attachment for they do not come with a built-in voice receiver.

Once you’ve made your frame, save your creation, send it to friends and family via email, or post the image to Facebook.  Considering the premise of the application focuses mainly on snow and frost, the name will surely mislead many customers as it implies this application fixates only on a given holiday, when it in fact simply focuses on winter weather.

For a video demonstration of what Christmas Gift has to offer, click here.  However, don’t be surprised if you feel slightly cheated when all the interesting features, like those 30 glittery snowflake frames or snowbrush, are nowhere to be found.  Those characteristics can only be found in the gift bag, ultimately costing you money.  They may lure you in with an attractive freebie, but you’ll quickly realize you cannot do much more than blow into your device a few times.  And, when you consider what the additional options actually do, the added expense just doesn’t quite seem worth it, for your creative options are still fairly limited.

Christmas Gift [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Christmas Gift Adds Wintery Feel to iPhone Photos”

  1. Esh says:

    I searched for ‘Christmas Gift’ inside my iPhone AppStore. The ‘Christmas Gift’ was not in the first 25 search results (it was on the second page). I wonder how should people find an app in the appStore ?

    Anyway, I downloaded the application. The idea of blowing is cute, the graphics is great. But still I would like to see more options in the free version.

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