Use Your Brain to Save the Grains in Sand Slides

Price: $.99     Score: 8/10     By A. PapachristosSand Slides - Logik State

Often times, new concepts can be challenging.  When you’re used to certain methods, gaming can become quite dull.  But when you stumble upon something new and different, the simple task of trying to master this new set of skills can become quite addictive and entertaining.  With Sand Slides by Logik State, users must guide various colored piles of sand from their chutes to their specific collector before the timer runs out and drops sand all over.

Sounds simple, right?  Think again.  Despite the guise of easiness, Sand Slides presents a tricky game of thought that requires you to plan ahead quickly, keeping you on your toes until you simply cannot keep up with the pace any longer.

On the main menu, users will see an array of buttons: Start Game, Play Tutorial, HiScores, and Options, as well as two buttons at the button that allow you to connect to Facebook and Twitter.  The HiScores button will display the highest scores for easy, medium and hard level separately.  The Options button allows you to adjust the music and sound effects volume, visit their website and view the long list of achievements, which connect to Game Center.

The Tutorial, which I highly recommend, provides a step-by-step run through of all the info one needs to know in order to successfully play Sand Slides.  As I mentioned before, the sand chutes each contain different colored sand that will drop during the game.  Each filling up at various intervals, you must learn to direct the sand into the proper colored collector just by dragging your finger to create a slide.  The more you collect, the more points you accumulate.  In fact, if you collect multiple colors in their proper collectors at once, you earn extra points.  If you collect the wrong color, the Grains Counter at the top of the screen will begin to decrease.  Once it hits zero, your game is over.  You may also tap the counter to pause the game.  And, if you must exit while playing, don’t worry – your game will always be saved right where you left off.

Slides help sand land in the proper collector, while buckets contain sand that’s about to fall temporarily until you can drop the sand without interfering with the previous drop.  Simply draw these aids with your finger.  Tap any slide or bucket to highlight it, then tap again if you’d like it erased.  Considering there may only be three markings on the screen at one time, the moment you make a fourth, the oldest marking will automatically be erased.

Sand Slides presents an entertainingly different concept that increases in pace as you proceed, testing your logic skills as you try to figure out how to juggle all that sand.  Though you spend half the game expecting to fail miserably, you’ll be surprised just how quick a thinker you can be.  We all know sand can be quick, but your mind shall surely be quicker.

Sand Slides [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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