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Price: $3.99     Score: 10/10    By S. CampbellTracknburn - Healthy U Technologies, LLC

Weight loss, weight gain and even weight maintenance is all about calories in vs calories out. While not the most exciting activity, counting calories is a tried and true way to shed some pounds. Much more than just a calorie counter, TracknBurn from HealthyUTechnologies is an ideal app for iPhone that allows you to take control of your goals with powerful food, exercise and weight tracking.

When you start up the app, TracknBurn leads you through a series of options that tailor the app to your needs – you can select metric/imperial units, your gender, daily activity level, age, weight and height. You can also select 3 nutrient values from amongst protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, fat, saturated fat and sodium that you want to display for each food. Next you set your weight goal and desired weekly change (i.e 0.2 kg/week). Water consumption is also a key point in any healthy lifestyle and you can set a daily water consumption goal at this point as well.

Before you can get started entering in information, you will need to create a new TracknBurn user registration. Once complete, you’ll be sent to the Home screen, where you can add daily food information, exercise details, weight for that day as well as water consumption (in bottles).

TracknBurn has a colorful and easy to navigate user interface, and it’s simple to enter in the information that you would like to track within the app. Four main icons – Food, Burn, Weight and Water represent calorie intake, calorie expenditure, weight change and daily water consumption respectively. Tapping on one of these icons allows you to enter in the relevant details.

Tapping on Track for example, takes you to a new screen where you can view your caloric budget for the day, your calories consumed, calories expended (exercise), calories remaining and a breakdown of your protein, carbs and fat (or other selected nutrients). On this screen you will find options to search for a food, restaurant search, create a custom meal, custom food or a favorite food.

If you regularly eat out or get takeaway, Restaurant Search is a fantastic tool and you can search for a particular item (such as a Big Mac) or a restaurant (i.e McDonalds) to view their menu and see how many calories, protein, carbs and fat are in a meal – not that you will be wanting to eat there too often if you’re looking to lose weight!

Entering food information via food-search is also easy, but sometimes you need to be quite knowledgeable about portion sizing to get it correct, but this goes for every calorie counting app on the market. The food database in Tracknburn is great, however I don’t measure how many eggs I had for breakfast in terms of cups (or fractions of a cup) for example. You can select ‘serving size’ instead of cups when entering food details, but you will need to know roughly how many grams of that food you consumed.

Once you’ve detailed all of your food intake for the day, the Burn section of the app allows you to enter in exercise details under several different categories, including strength training, aerobic training and sports. Everytime you make a change in either your diet or exercise levels, Tracknburn automatically recalculates your daily expenditures and allowances – keeping you on track.

You can view your weight loss (or gain) progression at any time by tapping on the scales on the Home screen to see how your weight has changed over time.

An exceptionally powerful and well-designed app, Tracknburn is the only app you’ll ever need to achieve your diet and exercise goals.

TracknBurn [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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