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Price: Free     Score: 9/10     By A. PapachristosToDo Together - We Geo, Inc.

Some tasks can be rather tough to tackle on your own, but when two or more people set out in pursuit of completing the same goals, wires can get crossed and prove to be more unproductive than one would like.  But now, with ToDo Together by We Geo, Inc, multiple users can automatically sync their lists with one another, allowing each other to monitor tasks as they are completed.

While most list applications allow you to singularly track and complete your tasks, ToDo Together promotes teamwork by allowing you to share and sync your lists with other users, giving only specific individuals permission to connect with such data.  Users may share their grocery store shopping list, weekend chores and upcoming events, keeping everyone in the loop easily with automatic syncing amongst linked accounts.  This prevents users from doing double duty, or having to constantly check in with each other to see what might still need to be done.

Users will have to begin by registering their information in order to create a distinct personal account.  Once complete, use the Bumble Bee button to begin inviting friends and family to connect, assuming your desired cohorts do indeed possess a portable Apple device.  The next button, which resembles a checklist, allows you to set up multiple list categories.  ToDo Together comes preset with lists labeled Errands, Chores, Reminders, Volunteering and Work to get you started.

Shopping Lists, marked by the cart icon, allows users to constantly add items to their grocery list.  Because these lists automatically sync with all your connections, users never have to worry about forgetting essential ingredients ever again, for everyone will know exactly what must still be bought before heading home.  The Wish List button, which seems self-explanatory, adds an unexpected twist by allowing users to assign each wish a point value.  This way, when one of your connections fulfills that wish, you will reward them for doing so – the higher the point value, the bigger the reward (which certainly adds incentive for completing the task).

The last button, which resembles a compass with a dollar sign at the center, allows users to perform the most interesting, helpful task of them all.  With this tab, users need only allow the application to detect their location, allowing them to record which store they are in and how much money they’ve spent.  This will allow users to track their total spending at given stores, as well as their total general spending.  Conveniently, tracking such habits may eventually lead some to spend their money more wisely and save in the long run, which concerns most households today.  And with the ability to tap into ToDo Together from the comfort of your desktop as well, users will surely find many ways to put such a tool to use.

ToDo Together [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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