Show Off Your Superior Survival Skills, Save the Girl with Parachute Xtreme

Price: $.99*    Score: 9/10     By A. PapachristosParachute Xtreme! - Spiel Studios

In a world where so many things are the same, finding something different can be as difficult as it is exciting.  With Parachute Xtreme by Spiel Studios, we not only find a new concept, but also a fun back story as well.

You see, Parachute Xtreme tells the story of Nick and Jenny, two talented skydivers simply enjoying a ride one day.  However, Drek and his bad guy goons hate seeing this happy couple together, setting out to kidnap Jenny and take her away from Nick forever.  Luckily, just as Jenny has been snatched, Zapper comes along to save Nick and recruit him in order to teach Drek a lesson he’ll never forget.  As the best skydiver around, you must take Parachute Xtreme to the next level and destroy Drek’s minions with your talent in this “survival comedy” game.

To begin, you must first create a player profile by entering your name.  Once you reach the main screen, take a moment to explore the buttons at the bottom of the screen.  The Help button plots out the basics of the game, explaining its base jump nature.  Users will explore eight worlds, each with eight levels (64 levels total) that unlock as you proceed and succeed while facing six different opponents throughout.  The more levels you beat, the more freedom you will have when it comes to choosing the world and level you wish to play.

The Score button allows users to view their achievements, connect to Game Center and more games by the developer, while the About button presents the credits.  Users may even post their score to Facebook and Twitter.  The Shop button, however, shall certainly prove to be useful as you move forward in the game, for you may buy power-ups here.  As you progress, the power-ups will automatically unlock, allowing you to redeem your game score for these helpful upgrades that allow you to buy extra health packs, accelerate your speed, shoot your opponents down, reduce your landing impact and other such handy improvements.

When you start an actual game, you will be greeted with a lovely tutorial that will help guide you through the first level of the first world (as all the others are still locked at this point).  Learn about the score and health meter, as well as the altimeter, which will help you judge the height of any jump.  The basic maneuvers are really quite simple, as all you must do is tap the screen once to jump from your platform, then again when you wish to deploy your parachute.  The last to land on the ground will then be eliminated in a crushing manner.  (Literally, the loser gets crushed.)  The trick is to perfect your sense of timing.  As suggested, you will most likely succeed if you release your parachute last, after your opponent.  So once you have jumped after the “Get Set GO!” prompt, wait until your opponent(s) deploy their chutes, then release yours before hitting the ground to ensure your win.  In fact, once you master your tendency for timing, beating your opponents to the bottom can become quite addictive, so don’t be surprised if you plow right through these worlds at super speed.

*Price shown reflects Launch Sale price and is subject to change.

Parachute Xtreme [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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  1. Mike says:

    Downloaded the game, and really liked it! Quite different from the existing games on the store.

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