Own an iPad? Take Notes? You Need Notability

Price: $4.99   Score: 9/10   By S. CampbellNotability - Ginger Labs

If you own an iPad then you know how basic the native Notes app is. While it may suffice for jotting down the odd piece of information or reminder, if you require a serious note-taking app for school or work then Notability is just what you need.

Developed by Ginger Labs, Notability makes note taking simple – and that’s its greatest feature. The interface is easy to understand and uncluttered, yet functional at the same time. There are ample ways to customize the text with three font styles, three font sizes, 15 font colors and your standard B, I, U functions. You can insert images, figures or web clips with a tap and the text automatically wraps around the inserted object.

The figures feature is a basic drawing app in its own right, and allows the user to sketch out simple drawings, say from a whiteboard or during a lecture for example, using free-draw, straight lines, squares, circles and other shapes. Once you’ve added shapes to your figure it’s easy to manage and move the shapes or even add a text label.

Audio recording is integrated into Notability, so that you can record as you type – you can even tap a word to hear what was said when you typed it. Once you’ve finished your note, you can organize it in the note library, adding note name and subject for easy categorization. Your notes aren’t confined to Notability however, and you can export your files easily via Dropbox.

Ticking all the boxes for interface, ease of use and functionality, Notability is my new iPad go-to notetaking app.

Notability [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “Own an iPad? Take Notes? You Need Notability”

  1. Thanks Shaun.

    Here is the new Notability demo video:



  2. matt says:

    Version 3 looks nothing like the photos above, and infact is quite awful. I have emailed the developer my feedback and have been ignored, so i posted to the Facebook page, and my post was deleted.

    The new Aqua/candified interface of v3 makes the app look like something most suitable to a 5 year old’s xylophone, circa OSX 10.0

    I appreciate that one can change the colours, but the whole candy interface is still an eyesore (as compared to refined, subtle, classy and mature textured tan leather look of version 2). Even the file browser names are much bigger font (and cannot be changed) and the bubbles around each folder are massive. I don’t need a fluorescent yellow cartoon/icon next to each subject group, surrounded my fluorescent yellow highlighting with fat psychedelic colours around it. Each item now resembles the windows7 start menu.

    Furthermore the forced page breaks are a disaster also, they cannot be disabled, I have been happily storing documents that i had written in macjournal, and exported to RTFD.  They have a combination of pictures and text, your forced page breaks are a disaster to my photos, I can only fit 2 photos per page, and the next photo cannot follow (across a page break) hence the text is messed up, and the photos are all messed up (and cannot be resited across hard page breaks).

    Do not update to version 3 !

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