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Cell phone usage while driving has become one of the most dangerous new epidemics around.  Though laws have been created, threatening users with a fine and a mere slap on the wrist, drivers insist that they are above the law by trying to inconspicuously use their phones to talk and text while on the road.  Many of these instances arise when drivers are compelled to inform friends and family of their location and when they will arrive at their destination.

Thankfully, I’m Coming by mobi jay presents a safe alternative, allowing users to pre-program an alert that will be sent to all concerned parties once their device’s GPS tracker detects they have reached a designated point.  Working in the background, I’m Coming allows you to mark a specific spot on the map, sending a text message or email to those you’ve previously indicated so they will know exactly where you are in your journey and how long it will be until you arrive.  A great tool for the holiday season especially, I’m Coming does a wonderful job of trying to help prevent unnecessary accidents due to such cell phone distractions.

Users need only use the Route Manager to plot a new route or choose from previously plotted routes that they may travel often.  Each route entered can be turned on or off at any time, which is imperative to preserving your battery life when you no longer need to use the application at the moment.  Simply tap New Route to enter your information, assigning it a title for easy recognition later.  Users may then insert alert points by touching the precise spot or entering the exact address.  The magnifying glass icon will help you zoom in on your points, while the trash can allows you to toss the route altogether.  Use the Help button if you’re not sure how to input your points.

Once you’ve created your alert points, link them with those you wish to receive said alerts.  Emails alerts will send automatically in silent mode, sending a message with a map to pinpoint precisely where you are.  Text message (SMS) alerts will appear with a ringing sound, displaying your pre-programmed message.  The only downfall to this feature is that users are required to tap the Send button, which means users will have to fiddle with their phone.  Though minimal, SMS alerts provide a momentary distraction, which could be all it takes to cause an accident.  While this would be the ideal (and probably most immediate) way of alerting someone of your whereabouts, such alerts should also send automatically, for there should be no reason for users to review what they wrote prior.  Double-checking your message before you embark on your journey should be all one needs, otherwise rendering this option counter-intuitive as compared to the application’s main purpose.

Despite this minor issue, which seems easy to fix, I’m Coming encourages safety and paves the way for other applications to do the same.

I’m Coming [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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