Have Some Competitive Fun with Family Christmas Quiz Pack This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends, open presents beneath the tree and circle around the table for a feast to remember.  But once everyone has gotten the gifts they’ve longed for, and you all settle into your food comas, there leaves little time to bond with those who matter most.  However, Family Christmas Quiz Pack by GokGames was designed to bring people together at Christmas, combining Christmas trivia with the excitement of a quiz game battle.

Based on his personal childhood experiences, designer and producer, Kevin Hassall, took his cues from the newspaper quizzes he and his family used to spice up their holiday get-togethers.  With the ease of using an electronic device, Hassall aims to bring families together in a new, innovative way.

“The quiz is set up to be played in two teams. The idea is that each team discusses the question. What we then do after the teams have chosen their answers, is to give an explanation of the answer, often with a bit of trivia,” said Hassall. “…A huge advantage of using an App for a quiz is how people interact with each other. If you’re writing down your answers individually then you’re focused on a piece of paper; if the answers are handled by a little piece of technology while you discuss them as a team, you end up looking at your family.”

Families will divide into two teams, Green and Red, for which they suggest you mix up the age groups so as to not give one team an unfair advantage.  Select Family Quiz mode to choose one of the ten quizzes, each featuring a different theme.  Choose from Nativity Stories, Christmas Songs, Around the World and so much more.  Each quiz contains 25 questions.  For each of these questions, the teams will choose their answer from the four choices, with the Green team tapping the given circle on their side of the screen, and the Red team tapping a red circle on their side of the screen.  You may change your answer, if necessary, by simply tapping another circle.  Tap OK once both teams are satisfied to reveal the answer and a bit of trivia to go along with the topic.  Click OK again to see how the scores compare, and tap again to move on to the next question.  Once you reach the end of the quiz, the sound will alert you, at which time you can then compare scores and determine the winning team.

For those who want a fun, personal challenge, try out the Quick Quiz, which brings together questions from all the themes to test you on your knowledge of all things Christmas.  The questions continue until you get one wrong, greeting you with a different sequence every time you begin again.  Think of this as a wonderful way to study for the big day, when you can help your team come together and win!

Now, if only there could be a Jewish equivalent that provides users with eight fun-filled quizzes, one for every night of Hanukkah!

Family Christmas Quiz Pack [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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