Geometry Stash Offers Comprehensive Mathematical Guide

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Perhaps you are a math buff who simply likes to have every theorem and formula ever handy at a moment’s notice.  Or maybe you are a student desperately trying to retain all the information thrown at you in class day in and day out.  No matter what the situation, Geometry Stash by Apparent Etch provides users with every geometric theorem, postulate and corollary imaginable, all within the comfort of one easy-to-use application.

When you begin, a notification will pop up telling you that, if you choose, you may close the diagram area at the bottom half of the screen at any time by tapping the black strip at the bottom.  Users may even shake their device to make this section disappear and reappear.  The diagram section presents a clear representation of whatever postulate, theorem or corollary you need to look up.  Honestly, I now wish I had an iPhone and this application during my high school years simply so Geometry Stash could have helped me study easier than any worksheet or textbook.

Users need only scroll through the alphabetized list of postulates, theorems and corollaries to find what they are looking for, or quickly narrow down their search with the Search bar at the top of the screen.  In honor of the holiday season, the edges of the screen are currently decorated with adorable Christmas lights, making the application particularly inviting.)

Best of all, the diagrams are clean and neat, which allows for a wonderful experience.  When it comes to math, there is nothing worse than trying to sift through the messy confusion of one’s notebook.  Instead, these diagrams display all you need to know. A useful feature worth mentioning, especially for educators, is the ability to use ‘video out’ in Geometry Stash and extend diagrams onto an external display, such as an LCD TV.

Plus, users can use Geometry Stash in either portrait or landscape mode to accommodate their preference.  While it seems to be easier to scroll through the list using the portrait layout, I enjoyed landscape mode best for the diagram simply seems more aesthetically pleasing.  And when it comes to studying topics you may not have much interest in, aesthetics certainly help grab and keep one’s attention.

Geometry Stash [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Version 2 of Geometry Stash has been released on the App Store. It allows students and teachers to create custom slides and distribute to multiple devices for collaborative study or classroom activities.

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    • iCloud Drive: Access created slides on all your devices. Write on the computer and view on the go.

    • Portability: Export slides as JSON, Image file, or Text.

    • Guided Access: Limit editing slide functionality to keep learners on track.

    • Bulk Import: Distribute multiple custom slides using a single bulk import file. Ideal for educators and administrators!

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