Blaine Goldoff: Heiress iPhone Adventures

Price: $1.99     Score: 5/10     By M. SchustermanBlaine Goldoff The Heiress Adventure - Whateverr Games & Entertainment Inc.

I can certainly understand the appeal of a good story-based game. Unfortunately, in the case of Blaine Goldoff The Heiress Adventure, more attention appears to have been paid to the story rather than the game.

The story, while not appealing to me personally, is something I’m sure many would enjoy. Designed by Whateverr Games & Entertainment, we’re introduced to Blaine Goldoff, heiress to an airline, department store and casino magnate, fashion school graduate and self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl.” Good old dad has asked Blaine to head out to Paris and Tokyo to hobnob with designers. Tough life.

Then comes the game, a series of levels which must be unlocked in which you help Blaine get to her destinations and make her trip a success. The first level is getting her packed.

Here’s the problem; there are no instructions to be found either on the main menu or leading up to each level. Blaine tells you she needs to pack, and then you’re in her room, which is cluttered with shoes, bags and clothes. More clothes are scrolling by in her closet, and Blaine has a little thought bubble flashing images of different items. And there’s a timer.

I guessed the goal was to tap on the items Blaine was thinking of, which turned out to be right. This brought me to the next level, in which Blaine can’t find her passport. You can flip back and forth between two screens, which show her bedroom and places to search. I started tapping on bags, pillows and other stuff to find the passport. Sometimes the app responded, sometimes it didn’t. Tapping on some items brings them full screen, then they disappear. It’s unclear if the player is supposed to doing something other than tapping around the screen, particularly because the response is poor. (Tapping on a bag doesn’t always open the bag, for example).

The game continues this way, with the player guessing and stumbling through each level with only a vague objective. The graphics are very good, and I can see young girls in particularly liking the idea of this app. But with no clear instructions and questionable response, the game itself falls short.

Blaine Goldoff [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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