StarTeeth Teaches Children the Basics of Brushing

Price: Free*     Score: 9/10     By A. PapachristosStarTeeth - FUNGAMENTAL Labs s.r.o.

As children, we spent years learning the basics all people need to know in order to optimize their health and intelligence.  Our parents spent precious time teaching us essential hygienic practices every child must learn.  However, not all children are exactly cooperative, making some lessons harder to teach than others.  For those trying to teach their children how to brush their teeth, StarTeeth by FUNGAMENTAL Labs s.r.o. offers a kid-friendly interface that makes brushing simple and mildly fun.

Upon startup, users will want to begin by exploring the buttons at the bottom of the page.  The question mark icon describes what every other button does.  For instance, the button to its right, the toothbrush icon, leads users to a tutorial on How to Brush.  The demonstration of how children should brush their teeth begins by reinforcing the fact that everyone should brush their teeth twice a day – once in the morning after breakfast, and once at night before bed.  From here, Charlie and Lucy will guide you through the steps.  (Anyone else sense that a Peanuts fan must’ve had a hand in naming the lead characters?)

First, you will learn about your teeth and gums and how you should move the toothbrush.  Start by brushing the teeth in the back of your mouth, use the end of the brush to efficiently clean the backsides of your teeth, gently wipe between the red of your gums and the white of your teeth for those easy to reach front teeth, and brush in circling motions on the tops of your chewing teeth.  These tips and instructions not only teach children the best way to proceed, but it also refreshes the minds of parents whose own brushing habits have simply become second nature.

Once you think your child has mastered the basics, tap Let’s Start on the main page to begin!  First, have your child select their brushing mate, who will guide them through the process.  Choose from Charlie, Lucy, a dog, a cat, a princess or a superhero.  Next, put toothpaste on your brush and prepare to start the two-minute timer.  Once the time begins to countdown, simply have your child follow their mate’s gestures, for your child should aim to mimic the same movements in the same time frame so they will eventually master this basic routine.  Of course, you may want to stand by and hold your gadget for them, for I don’t recommend letting them get your iPhone too close to the sink’s running water.

Like all lessons, repetition is key, so keep this application handy until your child has definitely mastered the task.  Also, after they successfully follow the instructions, your child can then have a bit of fun with the Choose and Vote button on the main page.  Here, they can vote for their favorite characters in an effort to have them become part of StarTeeth’s Christmas edition, on sale December 5th.

*Introductory price available for the first week only.

StarTeeth [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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