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There are dozens of instances in which you’d really love to take a photograph but feel much too awkward to do so.  Whether you want to capture a quick picture of that attractive person sitting across the aisle, or snag your friend’s funny face to use as blackmail for years to come, pulling out your camera and snapping away would defeat the purpose (and probably make you look like a stalker, too).  But with SneakyPix by Skidmore Apps, users can discretely take pictures of anything around them while simply pretending to talk on their phone at the same time.

You see, there are numerous situations where just cannot pull out your camera (or camera phone) and freely take photographs, but SneakyPix quickly and easily brings discrete to a whole level.  The very first page will tell you exactly what you must do in three effortless steps.  First, silence you phone, then hit the button.  Second, act like you are simply talking on your phone, but hold it up to your ear in the same general direction as the person whom you wish to photograph.  Finally, double tap the screen so your phone will stop taking photos, and view those taken right within you phone’s Camera Roll.  With a picture taken every few seconds, you will surely have some great shots, assuming you held your device in the appropriate direction and position, of course.

The introduction page also allows you to adjust a few settings before you begin.  Users may turn the Fake In-Call Screen On or Off, though On makes your efforts extra sneaky, for it will fake the call screen just in case someone gets suspicious.  Users may also adjust the number of photos to be taken.  Leave the slider all the way to the left for an unlimited amount of photos, or move the slider to allow any amount from one to 20 to be taken.  Those who choose unlimited need only double tap the screen to end their picture-taking spree.  Users may also choose whether they would like their phone to vibrate after each photo is taken or not.

The only problem users may come across is the fact that they may not obtain the greatest quality photos in this manner.  So if you’re hoping to sneak a high quality photo of that celebrity you spotted wandering the city streets, you might need to get a bit too close for comfort, for one must expect the typical quality of cell phone photos and accept the fact that one cannot frame the photo accordingly.  Of course, iPhone 4 photos will come out with full resolution (and be as beautiful as expected, most likely), while photos taken with all other devices will result in fairly decent 600 x 800 pixel photographs.  Users must simply do their best to get as close to their subject as possible, just not conspicuously close, and try to position their head to the best of their ability.  And with such an ingenious (and sneaky!) concept working to help make the task as easy as possible, it is certainly worth a try!

SneakyPix [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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