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Price: $1.99     Score: 6/10     By A. PapachristosiBruce - Xenialab

Bruce Springsteen has many fans, the reason for his over 30-year career’s longevity.  And while “The Boss” continues to make music and perform  for audiences all over the world, his longtime, performance filled past has resulted in many concerts across the globe.  For those who want to stalk Springsteen’s past, iBruce by Xenialab provides users with a comprehensive list of all his concerts and set lists from 1978 to the present day.

To find iBruce truly useful and wonderful, one must be a serious Springsteen fan, almost to the point of obsession.  The main page, which is actually the first tab, lists every year during which Springsteen performed, with the number of concerts performed that specific year written underneath.  In fact, you can quickly figure out exactly which years he didn’t perform at all just by scrolling through the list, which spans from 1978 to 2009, covering over 1,200 shows.  Choose a year and you will see the list broken down by months, labeling each concert with the name of the city in which Springsteen performed.  Each entry then displays a set list of all the songs performed during the concert, the name of the tour and the name of the venue.

Users may also choose to search for concerts based on where they were performed, listed alphabetically by countries of the world.  Skip over to the Geotag tab, and users will get a visual feel for where Springsteen has performed (mostly North America and western Europe).  And, of course, the ‘By Song’ tab allows users to browse through every song alphabetically.  Tap on your song of interest and you will see where and when that song was performed in the past.

While I do give the developers credit for compiling such an extensive and comprehensive database of information, I find it unfortunate that so much work went into something that is really rather useless.  There doesn’t seem to be much need for an application such as this, especially considering you must spend $1.99 to simply sift through this singer’s past.  I will not deny that it provides you with anything you may ever want to know about Springsteen’s performance history, but knowing where and when he sang something 30 years ago really won’t help in most cases.  Perhaps an application focusing on upcoming news and his future endeavors (in addition to his history, even) would prove more fruitful, for iBruce only leaves me to wonder one thing – Why?

iBruce [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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