Give Your Brain a Workout With Memory Puzzle HD

Price: $1.99    Score: 7/10   By S. CampbellMemory Puzzle HD - Sulaba Inc

If you enjoy a good brain twister, Memory Puzzle HD from Sulaba Inc will be right up your alley. A simple memory game for iPad, Memory Puzzle HD challenges you to recall the position of a number, color or part of a picture under time pressure.

Starting a game is easy, just pick which type of puzzle you want to play – “Numbers” for example – and then tap or “shake” to randomize. Once the numbers have stopped moving, you’ll get a limited amount of time in which to memorize their positions. The game defaults to a 3×3 grid – meaning there are 9 numbers to commit to memory, but this can be increased up to 5×5 under settings.

After the timer runs out the numbers disappear from the playing grid and the challenge begins. In the bottom right there’s a tile which flashes up a number – you have to remember where that number was located on the grid and then tap it to select. If you get it right you’ll get a big green tick, or a big red cross if you get it wrong. You only get 9 shots (for a 9 square grid), so the maximum score is 9/9 and every one you forget is 1 point off that total.

The other game types – Colors and Picture Puzzle – are played in exactly the same way, with colors or parts of a picture taking the place of the numbers, respectively.

All the games work on the same basic principle outlined above, and it can be quite challenging – but I’d like to see some more variety in the kind of games available in Memory Puzzle HD. Some background music, or at least the ability to play your own, would also be a good addition.

Memory Puzzle HD [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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