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Price: $4.99*    Score: 9/10    By A. PapachristosJournal Diary Pro - Sulaba Inc

We live in a world where everyone longs to record every significant moment in their life, whether with words or images, as a way of preserving something they can never get back.  We post thoughts, comments and photographs all over the Internet, as if to bring some meaning to our lives by sharing our joy with everyone else.  With Journal Diary Pro by Sulaba Inc, users can record all these moments with the written word, voice recordings or video, allowing them to decide which items shall be shared and which shall remain private.

Upon startup, users will see a simple menu that lays out the various features Journal Diary Pro has to offer.  The Diary button allows users to record their thoughts via written word.  Users can create an unlimited number of entries for any given day.  With the Media button, users can immortalize any moment with a video or voice recording, using this function to record anything from a concert segment to a classroom lecture.  The Events button allows users to input important dates they wish to remember with the option of allowing Push notifications around the time of the particular event.  The Vault also expands Journal Diary Pro’s usefulness by allowing users to password protect their important information, such as bank account numbers and passwords for various accounts.

With the Settings button, users can further protect their entire journal, choosing to create a password that will not allow anyone to look at even the most basic information.  Users will also enjoy the fact that they can backup their entries by sending them via email or exporting them.  The Social Buzz aspect allows users to connect to Facebook or Twitter and share their thoughts and memories with their entire Friends list, while the GPS Locator (when turned on) will mark each individual entry with the place it was written.  In fact, the Settings are so comprehensive that users can go as far as selecting their preferred font and size!

Journal Diary Pro offers much more than most journal applications usually do.  Not only can users record their day-to-day thoughts in all sorts of ways, but they may also maintain a calendar of events and store important information safely, making this a three-in-one application.  Normally, users would have to buy each of these conveniences separately.  Plus, with such versatility, nearly everyone can find some use for Journal Diary Pro.  And, if you don’t know how to use a certain feature, the comprehensive Help button provides a guide to learning every aspect beautifully.

*Price shown reflects 30% off promotion, available for a limited time only.

Journal Diary Pro [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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