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Price: $9.99     Score: 8/10     By M. SchustermanRight Love - Right Relationships

Finding love can be difficult, and goodness knows there’s no shortage of advice and “how-tos” and other materials out there on the subject. Right Love, an app designed by Right Relationships, is a book with just such advice from former matchmaker Nancy Pina.

The app is set up nicely, with a table of contents in the beginning you can use to skip to any chapter you’d like. Within each chapter, you’ll find an overview of the topics covered – topics like “Abandonment” and “Creating a Relationship Plan” – and in several cases, issues and common problems are accompanied with links to examples, stories of real people that may be in a similar situation to your own.

Navigating is easy; any time you tap a link within a chapter, there is a back button to take you back. At the bottom of each chapter is a link to take you to the next chapter as well.

As for the advice; as with any tips on love and life, it depends on your situation and what you are ready to hear. I found that some sections really rang true – in particular, the chapter on perfectionism and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality that stops so many people from feeling content despite all they have. Many of the chapters come with specific questions to address in a journal, which Ms. Pina suggests readers keep as a method of therapy.

I also want to mention that, as it states in their description in the App Store, that the advice here is more spiritual in nature and “requires” a belief in God in order to achieve a successful relationship. Many chapters are also interspersed with Bible quotes, and the plan outlined at the end relies heavily on developing a Christian belief system. I point this out because those interested in relationship advice who are not religious, or who practice a different religion, should find a different book.

Overall, it’s a nicely put-together book of advice that may indeed be able to help some people. I do find the price to be a bit high when I consider the size of the book, which is not very large. But overall, I believe it is something to consider if you are in need of love advice.

Right Love [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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